Saturday Night Live returned to the air on Saturday with its 37th season premiere, and with Alec Baldwin serving as host, it was its strongest opener in years (comedy-wise). Almost every skit worked, and even the weakest of the lot provided many laughs. On the downside: Kenan Thompson is still on the show, and Lorne Michaels has yet to beef up the female side of the cast (Kristen Wiig can’t do all the heavy lifting; although, Vanessa Bayer does nice work too).

Nevertheless, perhaps the best skit of the night was this game show bit which dared to ask the question, “Who’s On Top?” Not only does Alec Baldwin deliver another great performance, but the writers manage to keep this from being just a one-joke gag. You might never look at Gerard Depardieu the same way…

4 replies on “VIDEO: ‘Who’s On Top?’ from SNL”

  1. While I loved Who’s On Top, I thought a lot of the show was just eh.
    I think Alec is superb in pretty much everything, and he made even the worst skit better than most hosts could, I think it was the fault of the writing.
    The ones that worked were the Top Gun auditions and on update with Alec as Tony Bennett.

  2. Tony Bennett and his HeBro joke was the best.
    I also liked The Wiig and her Red Flag commercial.


  3. Tony Bennett and the Red Flag commercial were the ones I liked the best, as well. The Tony Bennett skit had me laughing/crying and needing a Poise pad!

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