Guess what? Community had its third season premiere last night, and judging by the ratings, several of you didn’t watch. That’s probably thanks to the stealth (read: non-existent) marketing campaign to promote the show’s return. Thankfully, my DVR caught the premiere, which featured such highlights as the arrival of John Goodman, a bizarre tribute to 2001: Space Odyssey, and a jokey musical number, above.

Happy times!

3 replies on “Hey, ‘Community’ Premiered Last Night!”

  1. Oh Bside, I LOVE Community too. It’s like NBC thinks Joel can just promo the hell out of it every week on The Soup and that will do it. I guess we should be thankful they haven’t cancelled it.

  2. Me too big fan, I like that John Goodman is on, and yeah no lead up to it, whats up with that? I follow Joel on Twitter, that’s how I knew it was on

  3. Like yours, my DVR caught it, otherwise I’d be PISSED! Is THAT what NBC is banking on; that enough of us have the tech now that our loyalty will be automatically fed? Sounds like risky marketing-savings to me…

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