Hey everyone, today is the last episode of Housewife Hoedown for the rest of the summer. The web show will be back in the fall, but we’re going on hiatus, which means you must, must, must call in (424-238-0611)! I’ll be having a full house today: Ronnie Karam, Sita Young, and Matt Whitfield will all be joining me on the show, and we’re going to spend the hour talking about nothing but the Housewives, as usual.

The show goes live at 12:30 PDT / 3:30 ET at talkmediantworks.com/live. Be sure to set your alarms so you don’t miss it. Looking forward to your calls!

4 replies on “Real Housewives Fans: The Season Finale of Housewife Hoedown Is Today!”

  1. Wow! That was a short one! Did you get edited or censored?
    Fun while it lasted.

  2. I’m dreaming of the day when you get moved to prime time so I can actually watch. Stupid desk job.

  3. Not intending to be rude or anything, but do y’all partake in some medical marijuana prior to the show? Because it just seems like you are having the best time ever. A slightly enhanced best time ever.

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