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In case you missed it, I hosted the final episode of Housewife Hoedown today, and joining me were Sita Young, Matt Whitfield, and Ronnie Karam. Our full panel discussed the latest episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, and when we were done with that, we spent a half an hour reminiscing on all the Housewives activity since the web show began back in January. There was much to discuss, and plenty of fun was had (particularly thanks to Sita, who ravished us with an elaborate costume-change mid-show).

Be sure to check out the video above, and thanks to everyone who’s supported Housewife Hoedown the past few months. We’ll be back in September!!

2 replies on “HOUSEWIFE HOEDOWN Season Finale! Wherein We Talk About EVERYTHING”

  1. I am heart-broken to have missed the live show! I wanted to call in so badly but I was unable to reschedule a meeting and, unlike that one caller a while back, I was unable to sneak away for a few minutes.

    I am going to say my piece anyway: I love Housewife Hoedown!

    I love you Ben. Well, in a you-write-one-of-my-favorite-blogs way I love you. You have been responsible for my getting drunk more times this year than any other activity, certainly more than any other blog! I have told many people about your blog – keep up the good work!

    Ronnie Karam, I had never heard of you before ‘Housewife Hoedown’ but now I am a fan. I watch your YouTube videos, read what you write on TVGasm – what ever you are up to I want to be a part of. I find your up-beat personality and sunny smile to be so engaging!

    Matt Whitfield, if I ever become rich and fabulous like Lisa VP will you be my gay? I love your sidelong glances, your snarkiness and your wit. I need someone like you in my life. I promise to keep you in high style.

    Sita, let’s go vintage clothing shop hopping! I love your attitude and your fearlessness!And you are so pretty!

    I agree Ben, the four of you are entertaining as can be… I look forward to more episodes in the fall!


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