Just over a week ago, I went to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles charity walk event and put together a nifty video about the event. It seemed to go over well — well enough that I was invited back to cover the hospital’s ultra-fancy gala event this past weekend. How could I say no? And so once again with expert videographer Lisa Timmons, I dared to capture the experience on video, which more or less led to several awkward encounters between me and the stars. Just the way I like it!

Check out the video above…

21 replies on “VIDEO: B-Side Blog Has Awkward Moments with Celebrities at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Gala”

  1. Man, Jamie Lee seemed a bit stand-offish….or was it just me? I thought she’d be really, really nice, but she was kind of a bitch! Maybe if your camera would have been more “professional” looking to her, she would have been more gracious.

    1. Haha, she was fine. Her style is very dry. Plus, she really wanted to get into the gala, and I was the last person on the press line.

  2. Wow! Ben in suit and tie and clean shaven! That’s more interesting than the movie stars.
    And quite handsome at that.

    Another great video, Ben. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Loved it! I would like to be at the grand opening of Topiary Park. Who was that little blond kid talking to the press? Should I know who he is?

  4. dude…ben… i love your humor. in writing. your voice sounds like you have constant phlegm in your throat.

  5. Can’t please everybody, huh? I thought it was great. The slo-mo part was an unexpected delight. And forget Mary Hartless; her loss.

  6. Ahaha!!! This made my morning. Your graphics during The Great Silence of 2011 was awesome. “Imsosorry, Imsosorry, Imsosorry”

    That pinche Mary Hart, who does she think she is?!

  7. I was giggling so hard after the Mary Hart diss. Loved Mary Heart-broken…

  8. This video was hilarious. PLUS, I think I love Jamie Lee Curtis even more now.

  9. I loved it. I think Mary Hart was getting pulled by her body guard? Or did it just seem that way. She genuinely seemed sorry.

    I think you did a good job and called it like it was. You were kissing Eric’s ass. Lol.

  10. Ben! I laughed, I cried, I felt incredibly uncomfortable….no seriously, I had to periodically pause the video and compose myself.

    P.S. Mary Hart is not nearly as cool as Jamie Lee. Ramona would totally call her a B-I and give her skin care products.

  11. How amazing did Jamie Lee Curtis look? I think the Mayor might need some media training… hmm. But your dance with the topiary was def. the highlight!

  12. I love your idea for topiary park. I would love to go and pet all of those topiaries! :o)

  13. Whoa…that was hard to watch because you were so real and the situation was so nerve-wracking!! My hands are straight up clammy right now. The Parker Lewis comment–awesome. But the real star of the show was the topiary horse(?) behind you and for you to trust us enough to share your topiary park dream….well, I feel honored. Good job, B. You were probably the most knowledgeable reporter there and Mary Hart didn’t know WHO she was dissing. 🙂

  14. Loved it, Ben!
    I would totally go to Topiary Park. Massive laughs at Jamie Lee’s “Wow. Well good.” *Ben continues to compliment* “Stop. *pursed lips*”. I would love to get impatiently sassed by her.

    Also, KUDOS on the captions when the AWFUL people were shouting. I am very disappointed you didn’t quietly admonish them to the hedges.

  15. I know I am all late watching this but it was so awkward LOL. BTW, Jamie Lee Curtis’s hair color was kind of cool, no? Like purple silver? She can totally pull that off.

  16. As fair as mary hart dissing you it was not her it was her butthole husband. Who hates the press.

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