Over the weekend, I was invited by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to serve as an all-access blogger for their big charity fundraiser walk that was being held in honor of their brand new building. This meant I got to spend much of the day hobnobbing with such celebrities as Heidi Klum (!), Melanie Griffith, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Crystal Bowersox. Of course, by “hobnobbing,” I mean awkwardly hovering nearby and smiling, but when don’t I do that? Fear not — I did have some interaction. Check it all out (plus lots more fun stuff) in the video above, taken by my incorrigible co-podcaster, Lisa Timmons!

5 replies on “B-Side Blog Walks for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Meets Heidi Klum!”

  1. Amaze-balls. Apparently Susan Feniger’s Mexican food is now good enough for pool parties AND walk-a-thons.

  2. that was too cute B, and you did it for the children! Was Ina there? I think not!

  3. But you HATE children! Why would you support a hospital that would make them better? We should really plan a fundraising walk-a-thon to get kids to STFU on airplanes.

  4. OMG Heidi Klum! I love her!

    Thank you for supporting such a deserving cause – no matter how much you (allegedly) dislike children!

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