We’ve seen a lot of fights on the Real Housewives franchise. There have been flowing tears, screaming voices, and at times extremely intense emotion. But nothing in the entire history of the show compared to the fight that erupted at the end of last night’s season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This wasn’t just a ridiculous, campy fight (à la Kim vs. Nene earlier this week). This was a ridiculous, emotionally charged fight, stemming from issues that have brewed for seemingly years on end. The revelations and accusations that surfaced bordered on an Edward Albee level of drama, thus making the finale both utterly gripping, and — let’s face it — kind of sad and depressing. And not just because of the Kim and Kyle situation. We had downer updates from Camille, Lisa (yes, Lisa), Taylor, and of course the Richards sisters. The only one who seemed to emerge unscathed was Adrienne, whose biggest post-show news was that she and Paul still bicker. Good for them.

The episode began with Taylor waltzing into Villa Blanca where Lisa was perched solemnly at a table like the unholy love child of Kelly LeBrock and Don Corleone. Lady VanderPump was ready to put Taylor in her place, and sure enough, while Tay-Tay laughed with that gaping pie-hole of hers (while looking quite radiant — gotta give credit where credit is due), Lisa stared straight-faced and ordered the blonde to butt out of other people’s business. Of course, this demand was in and of itself an example of Lisa butting IN, but that’s neither here nor there. Lisa can do no wrong, and any hypocrisy on her part will be merely perceived as paradoxical behavior instead.

Anyway, Lisa not-so-secretly held Taylor responsible for the New York fiasco and told Taylor to squash whatever beef she had with Kim so that the whole thing could be put to bed. Maybe it’s me, but I already thought the whole thing had been put to bed, but again, I’ll just recite my mantra: Lisa can do no wrong, Lisa can do no wrong, Lisa can do no wrong.

The big excitement in Taylor’s life was that Russell the Love Muscle was throwing her a big ol’ birthday bash, which would certainly feature music he wouldn’t dance to and music she wouldn’t eat. Sounds like a fun time! In anticipation of the big event, the goils all primped themselves. Kyle consulted a psychic (what is wrong with these ladies? Why does everyone have a medium or a psychic or a shaman?) while sister Kim learned how to do makeup for the first time ever. According to her, she never learned how to do makeup because she was too busy bringing home the bacon as a child star. It was because of Kim that her sisters had a roof over their head. It was because of Kim that Kyle got to make friends. It was because of Kim that the earth kept spinning and the sun kept shining. And because of these immense obligations, Kim never made friends, never learned how to do makeup, and never had the happy life that she always wanted. And guess what? At the end of the day, it’s all KYLE’S FAULT. And no, that chugging noise isn’t Kim downing some Pinot. It’s just the sound of a the train heading to a massive, massive wreck.

Over with Lisa, she spent her afternoon trying on dresses while permanent houseguest / professional moocher Cedric gazed on. Once again Lisa and later Ken prodded him about moving out, but Cedric fell back on his favorite crutch: whining about how he’d never had a family. He even went so far as to say Italian families let their kids hang out into their fifties. This prompted Lisa to retort, quite amazingly, that “We’re not Italians. What part of that didn’t you notice?” Or something like that. How these two put up with this dude is baffling.

Elsewhere in California, Camille continued to mourn the death of her marriage. She was having a justifiably bad day — so bad that she couldn’t even keep a hanger on a hook without it falling down. She opened up to her friend Dee Dee about Kelsey and his mistress, and even though Camille is a horror, I did truly feel bad for her again. That being said, I did snicker a touch when she relayed a story about Kelsey’s NYC doorman not believing that she was Mrs. Grammer. “How humiliating!” Camille said dramatically. She’s right — it is actually humiliating and awful, but given that she said the same thing in a 2002 Entertainment Tonight piece about having her luggage searched at the airport (yes, I remember the piece specifically because it was so ridiculous), it’s hard for me to take her seriously. It was also hard for me to take Camille seriously when she attempted to further victimize herself by stating how difficult it was to be married to a celebrity since the typically private matter of divorce was now exceedingly public. You know what also makes it public? TALKING ABOUT IT UNFILTERED ON A REALITY SHOW.

Nevertheless, Camille opted to skip Taylor’s party, but just because she stayed holed up in Malibu didn’t mean there was a lack of drama. Enter the sisters Richards.

The party started off on a pleasant, boring note. Adrienne and Paul bickered over buffet offerings, Russell made a stilted and cold toast, and the women intermingled with various characters of the past season, including the morally corrupt Faye Resnick. Yes, it was all fun and games until Taylor — always a rocket scientist — decided THAT MOMENT would be the ideal time to confront Kim about the whole New York thing. This wasn’t so much a clearing of the air as it was Taylor cornering the fragile woman. Let’s face it: Kim already looks like a frightened parakeet. The last thing she needs is to come face to face with a woman whose rictus bares more than a passing resemblance to the Cheshire Cat.

Anyway, Taylor laid into Kim for allegedly instigating trouble in New York. This harkened back to the most idiotic controversy of all time: did Taylor say “insecure” or did Kim? The tale of the tape says it was Kim. But Kim remembered it as Taylor blah blah blah. Why these women didn’t just say “You know, who knows who said what. Let’s just forget about it,” is beyond me. Actually, it’s not. Because Lisa (and perhaps the producers) had put it in Taylor’s head that this must be rectified, she went in guns blazing. Taylor started yapping away that Kim was trying to rile her up at the airport, which seemed like an overstatement. Based on the footage, it looked like the women were just discussing Camille and what might be going through her mind. Well, Kim bristled at the accusation that she was stirring shit up and instead said that Taylor was stirring shit up. More bickering and accusations followed and soon the other housewives circled in like sharks smelling blood.

The lead shark was Kyle, who aggressively inserted herself into the drama. Rather than pull her sister away and talk her down, she instead got into it with her, which was probably due to preexisting anger at Kim being a bit drunk. I don’t remember the specific order of events, but Kim began acting like a caged animal. She accused her sister of not being loyal, which of course brought up all that stuff about Kim not defending Kyle in New York. Do you see where this is going? SHIT SHOW would be a good descriptor.

Soon Kim was making blanket comments about not enjoying the women’s company (a statement that elicited an utterly scary “Excuse me?” out of Lisa). The woman was a total mess, and Adrienne happily interceded and tried to restore order. Instead, Kim left the party and retired to a limo where she found a sounding board in… Martin! Yes, her would-be British suitor volunteered to talk Kim down, which was about as selfless an act as there ever could be. Soon Adrienne joined the stretch limo of sadness, and for what it’s worth, it seemed like Kim was actually calming down, relaxing. That is, until Kyle hopped on board the Crazy Time Express and exasperated the situation.

Now, here’s the thing. I really like Kyle, and she has a right to be angry at her sister for a variety of reasons (not the least of which was Kim’s silence during the New York imbroglio), but when it comes to healthy communication, she’s a disaster. She attacks in a strong, angry, and defensive manner that only serves to fuel screaming matches. Plus, let’s be honest, in the stupid fight between Taylor and Kim (wherein Taylor was actually in the wrong etiquette-wise), Kyle totally didn’t have her sister’s back. Point is that she’s not infallible, and her hostile words upon entering the limo were proof of that: “What is going on?” she asked exasperatedly. This was not healthy discourse, and soon it was about to get REAL up in hurre.

The sisters again went back and forth with Adrienne attempting to mediate, but shit began to escalate (it’s all a bit of a blur to me). Suddenly, Kim reached her breaking point and blurted out something that was actually totally incomprehensible (and Bravo was so kind as to NOT subtitle it). I had to rewind it five or six times before resorting to closed captioning, which revealed the mystery phrase as “YOU STOLE MY FUCKING HOUSE!”

Oh damn. Now it all comes out.

Oh wait, I’m remember what Kyle said leading up to that: something about how their mother died having to worry about Kim. Yeah, that was a pretty intense statement, and I’m not surprised that Kim snapped back with her own resentments about Kyle. These women had some seriously unfinished business, and it was getting messy. Real messy.

Soon Kyle was crawling all over the limo, accusing her sister of being an alcoholic. And not just an alcoholic. A HELPLESS alcoholic — one that she and Mauricio have had to support and assist for years on end. That’s right: both sisters have serious, deep-seated resentments about having to support each other. Not a good look.

Eventually, everyone got out of the limo (I’m sure Martin couldnt’ wait to grab a stiff drink at the hotel), leaving Kim alone in what was one of the most sad, poetic, and tragic images to ever come out of the franchise: a solitary woman deep in a cavernous limousine, crying as the faulty lights of the cabin flicker on and off around her. It was pretty intense. And this comes in an episode that saw some pretty damn poetic limo imagery, courtesy of Camille (she and Kelsey departing from different sides of their car at the Tonys) and Taylor (she and Russell sharing a cold hand clasp in their vehicle). We’ve seen some intense season finales in the past year for this franchise — perhaps the most intense being Tamra and Simon’s marital breakdown on the last season of Orange County — but this one, rife with deep sisterly issues that have festered for decades — took the cake.

Intense shizz.

Oh, and Lisa and Cedric apparently are no longer friends after an explosive argument. More details please, Bravo.

“Camille Grammer is totally delusional. Anyway, let’s get back to presenting a box of my mom’s ashes to a woman who can speak to her from the beyond!”

“Taylor, you smile vapidly at me again one more time, and I’ll stuff every bloody white rose in this restaurant down your throat.”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you’re funny, Lisa!”

“I’m not laughing.”





“Shut it.”

Camille: “Mmmmm… feels nice to have the support of a real friend.”
“Yeah… um… about that. I’m jumping to Team Kelsey.”
“He kind of bought my house. So… see ya!”

Lisa: “What if we put the jewels here? I rather fancy that!”
Cedric: “Like nipples!”
“Yes… that was fairly implied.”
“Because women of nipples!”
“Yes, Cedric.”
“Hahahahaha. I’m funny!”

Giggy: “Seriously, dude. It’s time to move out.”

Cedric: “You know, Italians let their children stay home until they’re fifty.”
Lisa: “Are their children as pathetic as you?”

“I just want to look pretty tonight so that I can have the most RAVISHING meltdown!”

Taylor: “I feel like this is the saddest limo of all time.”
Russell: “Don’t worry, sweetie. It could be so much worse:


“Happy birthday! I got my pscho face on; so this should be fun!!!!”

Russell: “I just want to say happy birthday to my wife. She’s, uh, tall. And she has a nice face. And I guess I love her. So yeah. Oh, and she’s, like, really hot. Happy THIRTIETH birthday. Get it? See what I did?”
Taylor: “Ha ha. Very funny. I’m really thirty-nine, everyone.”
“Thirty-nine? Shit, you got only one good year left before I have to Kelsey Grammer your ass.”

Lisa: “It’s just a lovely night for a party.”
Adrienne: “Yes, just beautiful.”
Paul: “Hey honey. Want some ravioli?”
“No thanks.”
Lisa: “Ken was just saying how it’s about time we had weather like this.”
Paul: “How about a Swedish meatball?”
Adrienne: “Paul, please.”
Lisa: “I’m just glad Pandora is back from holiday.”
Paul: “How about a cocktail frank? Want one of those?”
Paul: “You’re gonna be hungry.”
“Listen to this one. Suddenly he’s a nutritionist.”
“Well, I am a doctor.”
“If Marky Mark told you no, you’d listen.”
“I’m not so sure about that.”
“Paul, just go to the snack bar and get yourself some mini tacos, okay?”
“Oh, that reminds me of something.”
“You want a mini taco?”

“I’m gonna need this. I’m about to go Oklahoma on this party.”
Russell: “Honey, what does that even mean?”
“It means I’m gonna… go… uh… Oklahoma?”

“So, um, I want to clear the air about something. And by ‘clear the air,’ I mean corner you with hostile accusations and an unsympathetic ear.”

Adrienne: “Oh look. There go Taylor and Kim again.”
“Quite dreadful, really. Makes me pine for the days of the medium.”

Kim: “You said ‘insecure.'”
Taylor: “I never said that! And you said ‘insignificant!'”
“That is a lie.”
“Well someone’s lying.”
“You’re ganging up on me.”
“Whatever. It’s insignificant.”
“Ah ha! You just said it!”
“Yes, I said it just NOW but not THEN.”
“But you have indeed said the word ‘insignificant.'”
“And you’ve said the word ‘insecure.'”
“AH! You just said ‘insecure!'”
“As an example of you saying ‘insecure!'”
“You just said it again! Which means that we’ve established a pattern for you saying ‘insecure.'”
“Well, you’ve just said it like three times.”
“Uh. I’ve never said the word in my life.”
“You’re always trying to stir stuff up!”
“Excuse me?”

Kyle: “Excuse me, Kim, but I think it’s about time I came over here and berated you in my ‘I’m always right, you’re always wrong, now deal with it BITCH’ voice.”

Kim: “You’re going to side with THIS?”
Lisa: “Excuse ME?”
“Not you, Lisa. I mean blimp lips over here.”
Lisa: “Oh. Very well then. Continue.”

Kim: “Never forget that because of me, both of you had childhood homes!”
Taylor: “Huh? I just met you like three months ago.”
“Did you? DID YOU?”
Kyle: “Ugh, Wino McDrinksalot is back.”

“Excuse me, but if you can’t love me like a sister, then I will turn to my Disney family, which is more of a family to me than you EVER were. They named kids after me. They write books about me. There’s a ride in the Magic Kingdom based on ME. It’s called ‘It’s a Small World’ because I’m very short, okay? I’m VERY SHORT!”

“Ugh, and don’t get me started about Martin. Why do you guys keep foisting him on me? It’s like talking to a jack-o-lantern!”

“Kim, my hand is the size of Martin’s head. You do NOT want me to punch you with it.”

“Well, you, KYLE, have a zit! Right THERE!

“This has been a fun birthday, yes?”

What did you think of the finale?


  1. I know this is the final episode and has been said by so many people, but Taylor’s lips are just so so so so so crazy huge.

    Poor Kim. Poor Kyle. The alcoholism slant on things got me thinking…did Kim drink at any of the parties this season? Martin (or maybe someone else) asked Kim if she wanted a soda water or a tonic or something like that. So I was wondering if it was a known thing in their group that Kim doesn’t drink.

    I do feel bad for Kim in terms of her seeming like such a lost soul. I don’t think she has ill intentions. It seems like she is still in the mindset of a child. If it is true, that her whole family depended on her, then I can see where over the course of the years you could feel cheated. Especially when she has gone through 2 or 3 marriages and divorces. I’m sure money is an issue and if she dwells on looking back to her childhood acting days and wondering how her life would have been different if she had all of the money still. But, really, that is ridiculous because the money would have been spent on something or other all these years later.

    I also hit the rewind button on my DVR when Kim was shouting in the limo. So if it was “house” that she said then I have more questions. Do you think that the house she is referring to was in foreclosure and Kyle & hubby bought it and then sold it? He is in real estate. Or do you think Kyle bought a house from Kim for a really good price and Kim now feels cheated??? I may have to pop over to Bravo’s site and see what Kyle has to say.

    And now Kyle. You know what, I still really like her. I do think the talk in the limo could have gone much, much, much better, but if Kyle has been dealing with Kim’s drinking and money problems for years and years then I can’t blame her for losing her cool. One thing that was really telling was when Kyle said something about how her husband treats Kim like a “second wife”. Ouch on so many levels. Mauricio is amazing, if he is indeed helping out his sister-in-law because he has 4 or 5 kids of his own to worry about. Bailing people of out trouble is tricky. I’m sure Kyle does resent having to come to her older, adult sister’s aid all the time.

    A very good, yet very sad episode.

    1. If Kim bought the family home, I’ll bet by the time the Mother died, she could no longer afford to keep it. So, Kyle and Mauricio bought– and eventually sold it. Kim always viewed the house as “hers”.

      Kim’s mannerisms and odd twitchiness are that of someone with a drinking problem. That, combined with her practically going into the fetal position when “conflict” arises; this is someone with issues out the yingyang.

      I don’t get peoples insistence that Kyle is supposed to treat Kim with kid gloves. She’s a grown woman who has had people “taking care” of her her whole life. For Gods sake, she sat in that makeup chair and suggested she couldn’t properly apply her own damn makeup (but KYLE could) because she was a “child actor”. Sheesh. The woman NEEDS some tough love. She didn’t stay in rehab. Maybe yelling at her on national television is a good idea.

      Kim signed up for this show, just like Kyle. Coddling her would of done her no good.

    2. I was wondering the same thing about Kim drinking on the show. I seem to remember her being drunk at the dinner party where she first met Martin, but also remember her being offered a seltzer then too. At the time I assumed it was because she was already toasted (which may well have been the case), but now it might be because she wasn’t “supposed” to drink. And I can’t remember for the life of me if she drank at Camille’s Dinner Party from Hell, or any other time on the show. Need to see some re-runs.

  2. Kyle’s such a fucking disloyal bitch that it’s sort of breathtaking. Kim’s got real problems and I believed Kyle when she said that she and Mauricio were subsidizing Kim, but it’s not actually, you know, funny, to make light of Kim being exploited to all shit by their monster mother and subsidizing a whole family in terms of cars, homes, etc., before she could legally buy a drink. And that is certainly what seemed to happen. Not that Kyle owes Kim a childhood, but Kyle’s martyr act – BITCH PLEASE. Please. After a whole season of Kyle belittling Kim to Kim’s children, to us in every other confessional interview, to Taylor?

    Oh, worthless, mean, anus-lipped Taylor. Her husband is a fraud (http://russellarmstrongfacts.com/) but he and Kennedy and poor departed Snowball deserve better. Hope he dumps her for that twenty year old.

    Poor Kim. Even that still of her in the limo — I hope she goes to a real rehab and gets the help she seems to need. She’s not a saint but she didn’t deserve how she was treated at that grim clusterfuck of a party.

    Love Adrienne and her Stripperella sparkly platforms and hair-tinsel. Awesome.

  3. Maybe the house Kim referred to was a house she inherited when their mother died? How else would Kyle have been able to ‘steal’ it from Kim? It had to be some property that was owned by both of them… just guessing.

    Anyway, excellent recap. There is another site with a great recap: http://www.stoopidhousewives.com.

  4. With all the talk of Kim’s past as a child star, I had to look it up. According to an oddly fawning posting on IMDB, she was “one of the most popular and adorable star child actresses of the 70s.” I’m still puzzling over that one. Maybe I wasn’t watching enough shows on ABC then, because I don’t remember her.

    1. I just remember her as the girl from the original Witch Mountain movies from Disney. She was also in several other Disney movies too.

      1. I didn’t ever see the Witch Mountain movies, so I’ll give her that one. But for a decade that gave us Kristy McNichol, Tatum O’Neal, Jodie Foster, and Melissa Gilbert, claiming Kim Richards was “one of the most popular…of the 70s” is a bit of a stretch. With all the excesses, it’s hard to feel sorry for any of these people.

  5. Wow…so many questions. Why did Kyle insist that Kim not leave? Wouldn’t it have been wise to let the driver take her home- I think the fun had gone out of the party for Kim. Can’t believe Taylor set that all up and made it look like Kim was starting it. On the positive side- love the recaps!!

    1. I think they may have called the Valet. They didn’t come together. Kim might have driven herself.

      1. No. Kyle was NOT worried about Kim driving herself home. She specifically said call the DRIVER & tell him not to take Kim home.

        I have a close family member who is a recovering alcoholic and I’ll tell you one thing — I would have NEVER talked him into going on a reality tv show when he was drinking. If in fact Kim is an alcoholic & that is the “issue” poor little martyr Kyle has been “having to deal with” then the very fact that she is the one who pressed Kim into going on the show proves what a terrible sister she is.

        Trying to defend Kyle at this point is a fool’s game. She’s a big old bitch who bullies her sister & is trying to prove that she is the STAR in the family when everyone knows she rode her sister’s coattails her entire career.

  6. I too have an alcoholic older sister so I completely understand Kyle. Yes she could have handled it a lot better but sometimes you get so frustrated after years and years of dealing with them that you just lose it. All of their problems are someone else’s and they expect everyone around them to take care of them. It’s easy to say you would have done something different until you’ve actually been there.

    1. I truly do not mean any offense, but I have been there (and for a lot longer than Kyle has) and I know I would have never handled the situation like she did. I think Kyle hurt herself and probably a lot of other people and regrets how she handled it.

  7. Kyle’s hand in that pic where she is pointing at Kim in the limo made me think of the Seinfeld “man hands” episode.

    Also, Kyle is a beastly bully. I don’t care what she’s had to put up with from Kim over the years; you do NOT call your family member out on their personal problems (true or not) in front of a camera if you are really in their corner, especially when they’ve already been pretty much ganged up on all night and are in a limo TRYING TO LEAVE, which YOU prevented them from doing. If anything, Kyle going after Kim when she was actively trying to leave the freaking party at that point screamed “drunk” to me more than anything Kim did that night. She was just like a dog with a bone that would not let it go. Very typical angry drunk behavior.

    Kyle saying that Kim caused a “huge scene” at Taylor’s party was also laughable. Kim was just sitting there; Taylor totally came up to her and started the whole argument! What was Kim supposed to do, just sit there and take her unsolicited, undeserved lumps? Oh, and not to mention that having an argument about the NY bullshit at all was totally useless and should have been long forgotten. Who gives a shit whether one person said “insignificant” or “invisible” or “insecure”? As little as it mattered then, what the hell can it possibly matter now? Christ, Camille was the one at the epicenter of that fight, and she wasn’t even at this party!

    Ugh, so much bullshit was swirling around at this one event; it’s hard to even wrap my head around it all.

  8. I am glad to see on the Bravo poll, that 71% agree with me, and are on Team Kim. Kyle is a bully, and I have noticed it all season. For someone who claims her sister did not have her back, she sure is quick to take others side against her sister, talk bad about her in the talking heads, and snidely drop hints all season that her sister is a “burden” a fiasco etc. For the first time Kim was confident, she was looking good and came in to the party, hugging everyone and ready to have fun. Immediately, Kyle had this jealous, evil glare, and rudely commented to Lisa that Kim was drunk. Even if she was drunk, she was at a party, she wasn’t sloppy, and when Martin asked her is she wanted another drink, she declined, so at least she knew her limits.

    Then Taylor, big lips Mcgee, had to come and attack her. Taylor started the whole NY drama, by gossiping with Camille, and has been trying to deflect all season, even has Kim in her unfortunate not strong voiced way, has been trying to point out to the others. Instead of Kyle to listen, she once again fell into Taylor’s trap and took sides against her sister. Once again Kim took the high road and tried to live. But Kyle had her stopped, Why? Just to make Kim look even more pathetic, even though Lisa and Adrienne already told Kyle Kim left, she had to go ask the kids, “Did Aunt Kim leave?” just to make them think bad of her again. Remember, how she was pitting Kim’s kid against her, making Kim look bad to her children?

    Kyle needs anger management, every time there has been a squabble this season, she always seems to be the one to escalate it, to a screaming match, with name calling, and going after people’s weakness, e.g. the NY dinner, the dinner party from Hell, and now Taylor’s party. She is also quick to physical violence, notice how quickly, Kim jumped behind Adrienne, as Kyle was about to attack her. And for someone who claims, Camille was so wrong to cut off her husband’s business, because of a fight, she sure easily threatened to cut off support to Kim. Even though I don’t believe Maurico is supporting Kim anyway, maybe helping her with investments, but I don’t think he has enough money to support 2 families in BH.

    Taylor is a cold calculating snake
    Lisa is a meddling, busy body, who enjoys to stir up shit, to entertain themselves
    Camille is not the evil person she is painted out to be, and I now believe her over Kyle
    Kim is fragile, needs therapy and needs to distance herself from haters
    Kyle is a mean spirited bully, jealous of her sister’s bigger career success
    Adrienne is too good for this show

  9. Wow, what a crazy way to end this season. So explosive.

    I’m not a Kyle fan, but I do understand where her anger might come from. I think she’s tired of having to always support and watch over Kim. She totally has ENABLER resentment towards Kim. I can relate…it’s like do you help her or do you just let her continue to fall into an abyss of dysfunction. After years of enabling someone, your anger just reaches a boiling point because of how they have affected your own happiness.

    With Kim and Kyle’s underlying issues, I could see why Kyle always lays the blame on Kim whenever there’s craziness. It’s as if she’s saying “Oh, here we go again…Kim being crazy.” And especially with Kim’s not-secret-anymore secret of alcoholism. Kyle’s tired but she can’t just cut off Kim.

    As for Kim…she needs help big time. And Kyle def. won’t be the one to help her at this point. And was anyone else intrigued about Kim saying she used to have a guard and a butler? She’s been portrayed as the poor stepsister of this cast and it seems like she was once as rich as the others.

    And as for Cedric, whether his past is as tragic as he says it was, it does NOT give you the right to use people. He’s also so aware of his abandonment issues and there’s so much ease from him when he throws it to Lisa’s face. Lisa and Ken don’t need him in their life.

  10. I just know how I would be if it were my family. I would not disrespect a family member on national television. Period. My sister and I don’t fight like that because…we’re grown ups. We may have disagreements, but we don’t call each other names and bring up every beef we’ve ever had against each other every time we fight. And we come from some pretty funky dysfunction. We don’t try to hurt each other to the bone. That is not how we are. I would say they behaved like children, but my own children don’t behave that way either.

  11. Kyle is a great big old bitch who tries to pretend she isn’t one (and those bitches are the worst). When Kim left the party rather than continue to cause the scene that Taylor, Lisa & Kyle started, Kyle actually had her manager call the driver to tell him NOT to take Kim home. Why is that — why not let Kim go home — if not so that she (Kyle) could continue to beat up on her? And when she lunged at Kim, she would have hit her if Adrienne wasn’t there — I’m sure of it.
    Am I the only one who sees the FEAR on Kim’s face whenever Kyle starts talking to her? Kim completely shuts down & retreats when Kyle confronts her — it is sad. Furthermore, I’m also convinced that Kyle did say that shit to Camille & expects Kim to lie for her (that is what Kyle means by Kim not having her back & denying that she said it). Kim doesn’t want to lie but at the same time doesn’t want to bust Kyle. Hence her confusion when Kyle starts saying “you didn’t have my back.” Yes, Kim does have Kyle’s back because she instead of telling the truth, she says nothing at all.
    Finally, the “you stole my house charge.” The house in Palm Springs used to be Kim’s house — it was in her name. Now it is in Kyle’s name. The money Mauricio is giving her is PAYMENT for the house– not some kind of “support of Kim out of kindness” on Kyle & Mauricio’s part. Kim probably feels she got ripped off by not getting all the $$ up front with the sale and/or that Kyle & Mauricio took advantage of her with the price.

  12. Ben, I think you have a typo OR you need to rewatch the episode (join the club, we all rewatch every time it’s on, it’s like heroin) — that video clip they showed midst Taylor/Kim fracas proved that TAYLOR DID SAY WHAT KIM SAID SHE SAID … on WWHL, she admitted she said it, but tried to blame Lisa, saying Lisa said it first and that she was just parroting it. Whatev. I think she’s a horrible social-climber.

    But nothing on Kyle. I suspect Kyle went to all the housewives in private (except perhaps to Camille) and told them “Kim’s an alcoholic” — basically setting her up for failure, meanwhile crying all season that Kim didn’t have her back. I’d LOOOOOOOOVE to be in a room with Kyle and ask her “so when did you have Kim’s back, Ms. I’m So Supportive? When you didn’t compliment her jewelry design in NY? When you made her go home alone after Camille’s party? When you cried that Kathy wasn’t coming to Farrah’s party, but barely acknowledged Kim and family coming? When you jumped into an argument between Taylor and YOUR SISTER and sided with TAYLOR? Or when you told people in whispers that your sister was drunk when she was just trying to have a good time? Or maybe when you were so harsh with her in the limo, refusing to let her go home, then used bullying tactics to shut her up — great strategy for driving someone around the bend, BTW: demand an answer, but refuse to let them talk. Yeah, Kyle, you’re a peach.

  13. Kyle is a bully and a horrible sister. Kim has always seemed fragile and nervous to me since the first episode. Poor Kim…I think Kyle resents her for something other than having to “take care of her”.

    Bside, I adore you, but have to disagree with you about Taylor. She is hideous on the inside and out. Those lips are awful and I think they are being used to distract us from her man face.

  14. I wonder if Kyle would have even gotten on the show without Kim? It seems like the whole gimmick was having sisters on the show, and-bonus!-one of those sisters happened to be a former child star. I’d be willing to bet Kyle pushed Kim into it, basically leading her like a lamb to slaughter. I want to like Kyle, but I just can’t. I do love Mauricio though. More of him, please.
    I feel for Camille’s children, divorce is confusing and sad for kids of any age, and especially younger ones. But it’s tough to have sympathy for her. She kept wiping away at her dry eyes as if there were tears there. Bitch, please!
    Lisa and Adrienne are the only ones with any redeeming quality.

  15. I hated to see them all gang up on Kim like that. She’s the punching bag of the group and Kyle leads the group. Then she whines about Kim not having HER back. Despise Kyle. I don’t really care for Kim but it pulls at my heart to see all the women on one side and her trying to defend herself when she is obviously not well.

    I love Adrienne and Paul–I especially love Adrienne for seeing that Kim needed a friend and keeping a cool head when everyone else is blowing their tops. And Paul is an endearing personality. I can’t explain it, I just like him.

    I’ve really liked Taylor except for her treatment of Kim and tonight was no exception. It’s like Taylor has a heart except when Kim is in the vicinity. She senses that Kim is fragile and goes in for the kill. I don’t get it. She seems perfectly nice otherwise.

    1. I don’t think Taylor is nice at all. She perceives Kim as the weakest (she’s the only single woman in the cast, is living in a rental home, and appears to be the only introvert) and, to stretch the perceived distance between them, as Taylor lives in the second-worst home, is married to someone she seems indifferent to at best and who lacks the charm of the other spouses, Taylor attacks Kim.

      Taylor is not nice, but instrumentalist. She desperately wants to get between Lisa and Kyle, and started all this bullshit because she hedged her bets so that she could seem like a reliable friend to both Camille and Kyle. She knows what she’s doing. Thankfully, Lisa knows what Taylor’s doing, and though Lisa has behaved badly IMO in setting some of this shit in motion, she’s not going to be okay with Taylor rising above her current position. And that thrills me.

  16. Kyle seems to have flat out the younger sibling syndrome. No matter if it’s negative or positive, she wants all eyes on her. Kim certainly may have her issues, and they may be overbearing to deal with (having a breaking point is nothing I would argue as we all have one but to have it happen on tv just seemed calculated and mean spirited) but this is something she knew. They are grown siblings. My brother and I are in our late twenties and we know what buttons to push, how the other reacts to things etc. I think Kyle engaging in anything with her sister on national television is flat out shitty. Kim clearly has issues and as someone else mentioned, I don’t think Kyle would even BE on the show without Kim so it just speaks of more underlying BS in my opinion. I dunno- I hope they both get in some serious therapy though.

    WHY was Adrienne on this show??? She is so freakin awesome, and level headed, and just all things wonderful. I’d watch her all on her own but really, reality tv is so far beneath her. She is epic. I wish more people were like her in this world.

    1. True – if this was a VH1 show, she would get her own House Mother to the House Wives show. She could groom them all on manners and “cute bickering”. Most importantly, she could eliminate Taylor off the show.

  17. As to the ‘You stole my house’ comment, Kim bought the family a home when she was making all the money and supporting everyone. Later her Mom got cancer and was living in Arizona. Kim left and went to Arizona to take care of her mother and after the mom died Kim got back to Ca. and the house she bought was no longer in her name. I am not sure if this is the same house Kyle and Mauricio live in now, or if the money they give Kim monthly is to pay for the house or what. I sure would like to know all the facts.
    One fact I do know is that Kim consistantly tells the truth. I have seen both Kyle and Taylor lie through their teeth. Also I have seen the both of them drink quite a bit, much more than Kim. So we have a liar saying that Kim is an alcoholic. Well in both incidences of the house stealing and the alcohoic labeling I tend to believe Kim.

  18. I have a question about the reunion show…When Camille was talking about the conversation that started the season long fight, she mentioned that Kyle called her. I was confused, wasn’t that conversation in a lobby in Vegas? I guess I’m wondering how Kim was the only one that heard it- or maybe I misunderstood what Camille was saying….

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