Check It Out: TV Banter!

Hey everyone. Cool news from the world of the Interwebs. I’m going to be hosting a videocast for Talk Media Networks where I talk about — you guessed it: TV! We’ve only done one show, and it’s all a bit rough around the edges, but that’s sort of the way online shows go. I’m sure it will find its voice and narrow its focus over the next several episodes, but for a “pilot,” I thought it was pretty fun.

Joining me for the first episode (which was recorded live last week on UStream) is my friend Matt Whitfield, the features editor from Yahoo! Entertainment. The two of us discuss every Housewives franchise and then some (and yes, we couch The A-List into the discussion) as well as Survivor, Amazing Race, Top Chef: Just Desserts, Raising Hope, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Community, Gossip Girl and Jersey Shore. Be sure to check it out!

And as for “Banter with Ben and Lisa,” fear not: we’ll be taping a new episode tomorrow!

7 replies on “Check It Out: TV Banter!”

  1. Who’s this dude trashing Community, Modern Family, and Gossip Girl but praising Cougar Town?

    By the way….the 2 greatest shows on TV right now are The Vampire Diaries & The Good Wife. Honorable mention to The Good Guys.

    I do agree that Raising Hope is fantastic


  2. Thanks for sticking up for this season’s Survivor. And Matt…Marty is still there.

    I really enjoyed watching this. Great conversation. I am curious to see who else you will banter with in the future.

    I have my fingers crossed this will still be happening when Big Brother comes back.

  3. You were great, Ben. I tuned in for the Housewives stuff but ended listening to the entire thing. You should do that every week on all the Housewives show.

    Your friend seemed like he hated everything though…like everything was shitty. More funny observations than plainly bashing shows would probably be better next time for him.

  4. I felt so bad because your phone number was has hanging out in the upper left corner asking people to call and no one did. Is this on at a regular time and place someone could call in and ask a question?

  5. just watched it. You were great B! Yes- I DO watch Community and I LOL every week. Survivor is still great as well. The two of you are very reminiscent of the SNL NPR ladies, especially at the end when you say the same word at the same time. Now I have to go search for the A-list to DVR it. I don’t watch any of the Housewives series, but that one sounds too good to miss!

  6. I think you are each individually right about Cougar Town and Community, and both very wrong about Modern Family. Also – 30 Rock has been great this season!

    And why can’t I look away from the A-List?!

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