Earlier today, I got a chance to participate in a conference call with Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The two answered questions from me and other media outlets about a wide variety of subjects — some more interesting than others — all in an effort to promote the show’s new night, Sundays at 10 PM starting this very Sunday.

After the jump, check out what the women had to say about other Housewives from other cities as well as Kandi’s thoughts on Kim’s singing career, Cynthia’s impressions of Dr. Tiy-E Muhammad, and yet another tip from Kandi Coated Nights…

On Phaedra Parks’ pickle photoshoot:

CYNTHIA: As soon as I saw Phaedra come out with the jar of pickles, i knew that that was either gonna be really cute or it was gonna go really wrong. And I was like ‘Oh boy. I don’t know about this pickle shoot… It did make me wanna go out and get a pickle. I haven’t had a pickle like that since I was younger.

On Dr. Tiy-E Muhammad’s Hair:

CYNTHIA: No, I don’t think that’s sexy. [she referred to his receding hair pattern a “train track”]

On other Housewives:

KANDI: I used to watch Jersey on that first season. I followed them the first season… I really love Jacqueline. Actually, I really like a lot of them on the Jersey cast… I just started watching Beverly Hills, and i just love the whole fact that they have that RIDICULOUS money.

CYNTHIA: I love the fact that [the Beverly Hills] women have so much money that nothing that they do has to be pointed out… I love how they’re just so nonchalant about it… I like that older lady… the one with the really cute dog.

KANDI: I think [Lisa VanderPump] and her husband seem like they really do love each other and have a great relationship.

CYNTHIA: Like, if i were to go to Beverly Hills and visit a rich housewife, it would be her… I watch the New York girls as well… I really like Bethenny a lot.

On her husband talking about Nene’s troubled marriage:

CYNTHIA: I… definitely had a word with him after [the brunch]. Like I said in my blog, there were no Pop Rocks… candy yams… raw sugar, powdered sugar going on in our bedroom that night after our brunch.

On allowing Kim Zolciak to take all the royalties for “Tardy for the Party”:

KANDI: Basically what happened was prior to her putting the song up for sale on iTunes… the guy who did the track for me… I asked him to have a conversation with her about, you know, the business of the song and how we were going to split the money or whatever because, I don’t know, she and I had just started being friends and I just thought it would … keep things cool between us for her to have the conversation with somebody else.

So the agreement was that we were supposed to split the royalty from the record three ways, right? …When she got the first check or whatever, she split it three ways; so it was understood. But then I guess she had a meeting with her attorney, and he was like “No, you shouldn’t have to give them a third of the money you made off the, you know, song. You should just only have to give them their portion of the publishing which is a writer’s royalty or whatever, but the overall royalty from the song… you should be able to keep that yourself.”

Now, mind you, we didn’t put it in writing… about splitting the song three ways or whatever. You know what I’m saying?… It was no type of producer’s agreement or anything… So when she came at me, she was just like “I’m so upset! My lawyer said that I shouldn’t have to pay you this this and that!” And the way she came at me I kind of felt like it was, like, she was trying to say I took advantage of her or something, you know what I mean? And so it kind of pissed me off. And she asked me for her money back, and so I gave it back to her because I don’t want anyone to ever say that I took advantage of them, or I don’t want people to ever feel like, you know, I ever did them wrong in a situation… There’ll never be anyone that will come back and say I did bad business with them or anything like that…. Although, there’s no way she could say that because first of all, I didn’t charge her for anything up front. She used my studio; I was the one that found all the people that made the song happen, like, I did all the work. I mean, the only thing I didn’t do was, you know, BE HER and sing it… At that point, just to keep things cool… I just gave her the money back.

Going forward before I let her put a song up on iTunes… we would definitely have to have an agreement in writing.

On whether or not Kim has a viable shot at being a pop star:

Well… this is my thing: I’ve seen a lot of artists over the years who weren’t necessarily the best singers in the world just have great music. For me it’s all about you having the right producer, the right songwriter, and the right promotion team behind you, you know? … Kim already has a following just from people watching her on the show everyday, you know? So if she has the right company behind her, backing her, pushing her, she could sell the records if she has the right song…. There are a lot of artists out there who have hot songs that are not necessarily great singers.

And lastly, another bedroom trick from Kandi:

KANDI: If you use Halls, like if you take a Halls and put it in your mouth and let it melt… and give oral sex, it is the BOMB. It is the best, like, for real. It gives like this extra tingly sensation. I don’t know what it is about it, but it is great, and it goes for if you’re doing oral on a woman or oral on a man. Like, for me, when a guy does it to me… it is GREAT. And as a woman, if you do it, put it in your mouth before you give oral, it’s great too.

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