Everyone I’ve spoken to has agreed that last week’s Modern Family season premiere was something of a disappointment. In fact, just about the only thing noteworthy from the episode was an amusing sequence involving Manny’s friend recommending adding a pinch of salt to his glass of chocolate milk. This eventually led to a scene with Sofia Vergara trying the trick out herself and confessing to us that it was “delicious.” Clearly this was something I had to try. I mean, really: a chocolate milk taste test? This was hardly an opportunity I’d pass up.

Results after the jump…

Here we have our two samples, both with the same amount of chocolate syrup (I unscientifically squeezed to a three-count for each). The left cup is the control. The right cup has a pinch of salt.

I take a sip from the left. It’s chocolatey and milky — the two things I look for in chocolate milk. I’m quite happy with it.

I then sip from the saltier cup. I must admit that I can taste a difference and that it is quite lovely. The flavor certainly does “pop” more.

I then taste back and forth until I deplete my sample. A successful testing indeed.


The salt definitely does sharpen the flavor; however, as I reached the bottom of the glass, I did notice the annoying “V8 Effect,” wherein you manage to get thirstier the more you drink. Not always a wonderful attribute. Secondly, while the flavor bump is nice, it’s not so explosively wonderful that I now must add salt to any chocolate beverage. In fact, unnecessary sodium intake is not such a wonderful thing health-wise (not that I’ve been one to shun such things). Therefore, I must conclude that while adding the salt does improve the flavor, it’s not something that I plan to do habitually.

Did anyone else try this? What did you think?

20 replies on “Testing Out The ‘Modern Family’ Chocolate Milk Trick”

  1. Awwww! I loved the episode. Mostly because I missed the show so much… But come on! Cam makes me life, er night, worth living.

  2. Love it! I may just copy your idea for my own blog…

    I thought the episode is great, but then again, I enjoy the Manny scenes, so that might jade me a little.

  3. Yep – tasty!

    I’m really friendly with the ladies working at the Starbucks across from my work — so much that sometimes my cup gets noted to contain “extra love.” One one such day this week that meant being invited to try a dash of their “caramel salt” in my hot chocolate… YUM.


  4. I had considered telling my kids about this little trick but I know that when I am not around to keep an eye out, they’d overdo it.

  5. Try adding cinnamon to chocolate milk (learned this trick at Hershey’s World of Chocolate)- it really boosts the flavor and makes choco milk absolutely delish. Plus – it’s way healthier than salt.

  6. The Hershey’s cocoa recipe on the box calls for salt. That’s the only time I’ve added it to choco milk, but it is quite delicious. Gonna try that cinnamon. Sounds good.

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  9. Placebo effect… You knew what to expect and received the effect. You should have mixed the cups around and not known what cup had the salt.

    1. Umm yes, a pinch of salt does affect sodium intake. Just a teaspoon of salt is over 2,000 mg of sodium, which is more than you should consume in an entire day. A pinch is probably round 500 mg, depending on how big your pinch is.

  10. just tried my chocolate milk with salt for the 1st time and because of modern family! so i decided to look up if this was a real thing and what other people thought, i came across this site. it tastes great and i agree with everything you’ve said regarding it.

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