10 replies on “QUICK HIT: Fun Finds At Chinese Walmarts!”

    1. Maybe you should have forwarded it along the FIRST TIME you saw it, IndianJones.

      ps. Tawm Brady sucks.

  1. I was just at Walmart today. Did you know all Walmarts are climate controlled at Bentonville AR? So, if it’s 80 degrees in Arkansas and it’s 60 degrees in let’s say, Virginia, the temps are not just set for this Virginia store but all of the stores in the USA. Makes sense why it always feels either like a meat locker (cold as shit) or a pizza oven in there.

    1. Maybe the climate control is set from Bentonville, but that doesn’t mean that all stores have to be set at the same temps. That would be a very un-Walmart decision to waste money.

  2. Hey B – I’m in China right now. I was in the People’s Republic and you’ll be happy to know that your website is FORBIDDEN there! I’m finally in Hong Kong on the last leg of this month long adventure and had to check & see how you’re site’s been doing since I’ve been basically offline. Glad to see you have a little Chinese tribute for me. Although, I didn’t make it to a Walmart while here.

    Zài jiàn for now!

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