Greatest apologies: I am working on something non-blog related, which means I can’t give The Amazing Race its moment in the spotlight; however, in an effort to get some content up today, I’m posting this photo and an open ended question to the readers: what did you think about the season premiere?

Furthermore, who do you like? Who do you hate? And who do you think will win?

21 replies on “‘Amazing Race’ Gets Medieval On Our Asses”

  1. It was an awesome start. Of course, if they’d run the watermelon sequence over and over for an hour I’d have the same opinion.

    I like:

    1) Asian father & son

    2) The doctors

    I dislike:

    1) idiot who thinks going to Notre Dame gives him an advantage. First, the game isn’t about Rudy trivia. Second, Notre Dame is not exactly Yale. Ditto for dude who bragged about his Masters from U of Arizona. Both credentials looked puny stacked up against the ER docs who did not need to brag about their educations.

    2) Chad and Stephanie. He needs to STFU and she needs to make him STFU.

    3) the volleyball girls, soon to be known as “the Blondes” I’m sure.

  2. This episode was just as great as the cheese wheels rolling down the hill and the “broken ox” in the rice field. Loved it.

    1. Oh dear lord, the cheese wheels. That was a beautiful moment.

      I like the doctors and the father/son team. It was a good season opener. And I would hate to lose the Vegas couple. They are good for endless Phil jabs.

  3. Even having seen the watermelon-shot-to-the-face previously, I still gasped. Still can’t figure out how she was still conscious after that!

    I like the doctors and the father & son (the father seems quite humorous)..and what is up with that one chick (tattoo?) having never heard of Stonehenge?

    Love this show…and LOVE how Phil did his patented eyebrow raise more than once!

  4. Frankly, this week is my last week of unemployment. I need you to stop focusing on other things and populate this blog like crazy this week, while I still have all this free time.

    That said, the blonde Home Shopping host is terrifying. I fear she’ll team up with Miss Kentucky and climb through my TV to murder me, Ring-style.

  5. I liked:

    1. The Doctors. At first I was prepared to hate them, but they were not annoying at all and worked great together.

    2. I also loved the Asian father/son team. I hope they get better.

    3. The poor tv shopping host who took a watermelon to the face and didn’t cry and finished the task! Holy cow!

    I hated:

    1. Chad. Someone needs to punch him fast. His girlfriend needs to dump his ass and/or throw him off that castle.

    2. The volleyball players. They thought they were being all cute giving everyone nick names. UGH!

    How the hell did the best friends go from first place to last WITH A MAP??

  6. I really like the Home Shopping team. If they continue to be this awesome, they may even end up competing with the BQs to be my favourite team ever.

    Also loved the Doctors, Father and Cheery Blonde Daughter, and liked the Asian Father and Son and Volleyball Players.
    Yes, I even enjoyed Team Tattoo and their journey from “We’re really not that stupid!” to “Oh god, we’re morons.”

    1. How can this be? Tabby and I like the same team. Although technically I only like half of the Home Shopping team.

  7. Maybe I’m the only one, but I love Team Glee. “In the a capella world, we’re like gang leaders.” Come on!

    I’m so over the douchebag/doormat teams.

    The doctors are pretty awesome, too. Maybe the first all-female team to win? It’s possible…

  8. I also love the Home Shopping Hosts…that lady was a trooper. And they have good energy. I also like Team Tattoo because they seem so clueless and happy to just be going places.

    I feel bad bad for the Notre Dame guy’s girlfriend. He seems condescending and has a false sense of superiority. You sir, are no Harvard.

  9. My biggest pet peeve is people who come on this race not knowing how to drive a stickshift. You will most likely be in a foreign country and most foreign cars have stickshifts. Maybe take the time to LEARN (or relearn in the birth mom’s case) how to drive a car with a stickshift. It’s as bad as the doofus who wore his $1600 shoes to Survivor…

  10. Father/chipperhappyhappyjoyjoy daughter. “i wish i could balance on a ball and juggle”

  11. New to the site – love reading B-Side’s recaps. Simply hilarious!

    It’s nice to know there are places I can go that will not consider me a complete moron for my love of reality shows. Okay, so you may think I’m a moron after reading my comments but not because i love reality!

    Best Amazing Race season opener EVER! I concur with most – love the ER Docs, the Asian dude and dad and the gleeks. Hate Chad! Why do we always have to have a domineering jerk who is so much fun to hate. Can’t believe these girls stay with these dudes. And he’s the romantic that wants to propose during the race?

  12. Loved the season opener as much as survivor’s this year!! both my fave shows look to be off to a good start.
    Too many couples to like in this Race right off the top too (not a bad deal). I like the home shopping crew, except when the blonde is shrieking at her teammate…it’s a little much, but they have a good attitude and seem to get along well in the “face” of adversity. Right about the time I want to reach into my screen and slap the blonde one for her annoying voice, she’s says something hysterical….so I guess I love them. And how awkward is the birth mom/daughter situation they hadn’t really even met before going on the race….they seem to be doing well together.

  13. I’m on board with Team Glee, Lady Docs, & Father/Son. And please,puh-leeze, do not allow HSN ladies & Miss Kentucky (or is it Tenn.?) to be in close quarters again. I’m a chick & I cannot stand or understand why when you get more than 2 ladies together they have to scream like 13-year-olds.

    LOVED Phil with Team Tattoo at the mat!!

  14. after boredom from bb12 and top chef both Survivor and TAR have made up with fun and/or interesting people/challenges and editing.

    Even the jerky jock was funny to watch, hopefully his statement that he was humbled holds true. All brawn does not make a winning team. HASN’T HE WATCHED ANY OTHER SEASON?

    Also it seems most teams were willing to laugh at themselves including team melon head. Man, just watching that over and over gave me a headache…from laughing so hard.

  15. The Amazing Race called and demanded at real photocap. I hope you take this demand seriously and they do not have to call again.

  16. gotta love the tattoed couple from vegas that flew to the country of london and had difficulty finding stone edge! can’t wait for more of that!

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