Great news! The latest crazy, racist rant from Mel Gibson has surfaced on the Interwebs, and it’s all the psychotic zaniness one could hope for. Mellers delivers us a hefty dose of misogynistic, obnoxious screeds, topped with a cherry of racism. It’s all directed at his now ex-girlfriend/baby-mama Oksana Grigorieva, whose hefty bosom apparently is the bone of much contention.

As these things go, it’s not as shockingly awful as the epic Michael Richards meltdown, nor is it as amusingly ridiculous as Christian Bale’s famous tantrum. However, it’s all quite the chilling experience as one realizes that this man is not only bat-shit crazy (established for some time now), but also totally controlling, scary, and vaguely homicidal behind closed doors. On the plus side, he’s refrained from any anti-Semitic comments.

Progress is progress!

To hear Mel Gibson’s rant, check out the audio here.

5 replies on “Mel Gibson Has A Way With Words”

  1. I remember way back when there was this cute new hunky guy with an awesome accent in this movie Tim. Plus, he had gorgeous eyes. Then he went on to become America’s favorite actor with such movies as all the Lethal Weapons, the Mad Maxs, Ransom, etc. This guy could do no wrong. Then stuff started happening like DUIs and he cheated on his wife and left her. I think when he made that movie with Julia Roberts where he was the crazed paranoid guy, it wasn’t so much acting as it was playing himself. He’s gotten scarier and scarier with each passing year. I’m prescribing the looney bin for him pronto.

  2. Southpark called him on his crap years ago in The Passion of the Christ episode. Nobody ever listens to Kyle. 🙁

  3. It makes me so sad/angry because I loved him in the Mad Max movies and Braveheart was one of my all time faves! And, if anyone has ever watched the movie Gallipoli, he is really adorable and great in it. Now, it is abundantly clear that he is just a horrible, abusive, sexist, racist crazy person. Not to mention ego maniac. So awful.

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