Jewel Goes Undercover At Karaoke Bar; Rocks It

When the good people at Funny or Die told me they had a noteworthy video of Jewel, I had some doubts. After all, I don’t always pair Jewel with high comedy. I was proven wrong, however, in this great video that features Jewel going undercover in a local Los Angeles karaoke bar to sing some of her biggest songs. The gag is great, especially in its meticulous detail, which is reminiscent of a vintage Tyra fat suit episode. Particularly amusing is a prosthetic nose Jewel receives. The new look eerily transforms the singer into something strikingly similar to Stephanie Pratt — at least until she gets a brown wig and a dowdy makeover.

As for the rest of the video, well, I’ll let you see what happens.

7 replies on “Jewel Goes Undercover At Karaoke Bar; Rocks It”

  1. Four Jewel songs at karaoke night. I would have pulled my hair out or been forced to drink more.

  2. Argh, I was totally going to send this to you! I missed out on a tag.

    It was surprisingly heartwarming (even for me).

  3. Definitely one of those wish I was there moments. Very special. Great post – thanks for sharing.

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