If there’s one thing I love to do, it’s shamelessly promote myself. Today I actually have a good reason for it. My friend Caleb Bacon and his compatriot Tim Hammer have a fun podcast named The Gentleman’s Club with Hammer and Bacon, and I was lucky enough to be a guest host on this week’s episode. This was actually my second time on the big shew, the first being on the very first premiere episode (I believe I shared billing with Darryl Strawberry, thank you very much).

We recorded the episode last Thursday when Emmy nominations came out; so we spend a bulk of the show talking about that. However, there’s some passing chatter about The Hills too, which sadly ends tonight (in case you weren’t aware). Anyway, do yourselves a favor and head over to the site (or iTunes!) and listen to the latest Gentleman’s Club podcast!

The Gentleman’s Club with Hammer and Bacon: Episode #52: Guest Starring Ben Mandelker (B-Side Blog)

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