Things don’t always go as planned on Big Brother, and for those who fear the show features way too much producer meddling, take last night’s eviction episode as an example to the contrary. Annie and Rachel were on the block, and SPOILER ALERT: one of them was the Saboteur.

Needless to say, CBS could not have been thrilled with the situation.

Yes, the Summer of Sabotage was indeed sabotaged (or “saboteur-ed,” as one Houseguest said) when Annie, our mole-in-residence, was unanimously evicted from the house by a 10-to-0 vote. This was unfortunate because a) I really enjoyed the Saboteur twist, more so than I ever expected, and b) the moment Annie’s true role was revealed, she became kind of… awesome! She totally had this wonderful, devious nature about her that would have been a joy to watch all summer long. Too bad she blew her load by going bonkers after being put up as a replacement nominee for Brendon.

Later, when Annie came face to face with Julie Chen, she gave us one of the most entertaining exit interview in ages, getting all sassy and bitter and even referring to Brendon as her sloppy seconds. Even Julie had to do a double-take, and if there’s anything I like, it’s a shocked Chenbot. Oh, if only Annie had stuck around a bit longer. Just goes to show her CBS bio (which perhaps was all fake!) did her no justice in the smarts department. I take it all back, Annie! You’re great! Plus bonus points go to Annie for seemingly transforming into a Kristen Wiig character right before our eyes.

As for the group that’s left in the house, I continue to dislike Hayden, and while Rachel still hasn’t impressed me on a Janelle level (or anywhere close), I did enjoy seeing her win HOH, if only because the drama of watching the pendulum swing is always the best part of Big Brother. Hopefully she’ll sniff out The Brigade (rolling my eyes as I type that). Certainly Hayden is in trouble. But what of the others?

The good news for Brendon is that he’ll certainly be safe. Just a day ago, I was saying how much I liked the guy (who resembles Zach from BB8 from certain angles), but after his wimpy, tender moment in the cabana room where he expressed a desire to be held and told everything would be okay, I’m having to backpedal a touch. Hey, I still like him, and he seems super nice, but seriously… what a pussy.

Full disclosure: I would act the EXACT same way.

For now, my favorites continue to be Matt (because he’s smart and doesn’t seem to be taking this too seriously), Ragan (because he’s funny, even if he often looks like he’s about to cry), and Britney (because she’s a bitch, but a funny bitch).

So far so good!

“Good evening. I’m Julie Chen. And I blend in.”

“Hey Annie.”
“Hey fuck face. How about you go fuck yourself in your own ass, FRIEND.”
“Okay. See ya!”

“The Saboteur escaped the block this week? Damn, The Meow Meow doesn’t like this. The only thing worse is getting spritzed in the face with a water gun. At least now I’ll never jump on a countertop again. Meow meow.”

“Gosh, it’s really sunny out. I was kind of hoping, I don’t know, that it’d be a little cloudy. Mother Nature really hurt my feelings. I don’t know. I guess I’m a little sad now.”

“Listen, Rachel. I know your boobs are the size of two midget heads, but, I don’t know, I don’t want to nuzzle in them right now. I just want a hug. Is that so wrong?”

“Uh, HELLO! We have CHEMISTRY! That was my word this week! And I used it to describe us!!! Now put your test tube in me and give me an ENDOTHERMIC REACTION!”

“I mean, why doesn’t he want me? I’m Juggy Von Tittenstein for crying out loud!”

“Brendon, this is like the opposite of chemistry right now. It’s LAMESTRY. Omg! I just totally made that up! Hahahahaha! BRENDON! I MADE UP A WORD! LAMESTRY!!! LOLOLOL!!!”

“I don’t know how I thought of it. I guess I just put the words ‘lame’ and ‘chemistry’ together, and it just worked! LOLOLOL!!! It’s like I’m a word chemist. OMG!! That makes sense because I LOVE CHEMISTRY!!!”

“I don’t know. I think the word ‘lamestry’ is kind of mean. Now I feel sad.”

“Anyone know where my sunglasses are? Anyone?”
“They’re on your head.”
“OH REALLY? Must be the work of the Saboteur! OR THAT WHORE RACHEL.”

“I’ll tell yous one thing: the Meow Meow don’t like none of this Saboteur business. The only thing I like less is that yellow pillow I seen around the house.”
“It’s behind your head!”

“If you evict me, you all are making the biggest mistake of the game. Also Rachel is a whore and will gain twenty pounds every week she’s left in here. Love you all!”

“That was kind of mean. I don’t know. It sort of hurt my feelings. Anyone have a hug to spare?”

“Um… so… you should vote to evict Annie because she looks French Canadian.”

“So sue me!”

“Let me tell you something, Julie. Brendon is MY sloppy seconds. Well, I mean, he said hello to me on day one and then smiled politely, but HE’S MY SLOPPY SECONDS.”

C:\CHENBOT> Run app-x (“WOOOOO GURL! Werk it!”)

What did you think about the eviction? Sad to see Annie go? And what was the deal with Kristen’s whore-rrific green top on the live show?

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  1. OMG…Annie does look French-Canadian! LOL….

    Annie on the feeds was AWFUL. She literally sucked the life out of everyone there constantly campaigning by rehashing the same things over and over and over again. However, Annie outside of the house was totally awesome!

    Britney is a catty bitch, but if she brings the humor then I want her to have a long stay. Brendon is a pussy, and it pisses me off that people think he is (or will) carry Rachel to the end…if anything, it’s the other way around.

    1. On Wednesday it looked like Rachel was going to get voted out and that Annie would be saved. So when Annie received every vote on Thursday I was a little bit suspicious of CBS. I mean how can they elimanate Rachel and the showmance thing with Brendon in the first elimination? Also Rachel gets voted out and you eliminate a lot of male viewership just tuning in to the show to see her. I honestly think CBS did some persuading in this even though they had to eliminate the sabateur.

      1. I am a feed watcher and I can attest that Annie did it to herself. She truly alienated all the members of the house except for a couple who felt sorry for her but weren’t about to go against the majority of the house & put a target on their backs.

        If CBS did any persuading it must have been to tell Annie to be as annoying as possible. But I think that is really just her personality. The way the tv shows are edited often confuses us feed watchers.


  2. First, Julie looked herself again last night.

    Then, I thought Annie was the saboteur from the start, then faded off that notion as she seemed to display ZERO game.

    Finally, what the hell WAS that all seeping or whatever at the end of the show (what was referred to by one houseguest as a “gas leak?” but which seemed to be ALIVE as the camera aborted)? Live feeders clue me in? Or would that defy the spoilers gods?

  3. I think Brody Jenner and Brendon should totally hug it out. Or start a hug hotline.

  4. Yes, the Chenbot looked much better last night. And her reaction to Annie in the end was priceless.
    Too bad about the big surprise this season. The saboteur was a lame idea, and I’m sure CBS is scratching their head now. I’d love them to bring back Jerry to piss off the youngin’s or some other former hamster.
    Annie saying that Brendon was her sloppy seconds, doesn’t she mean that Rachel was Brendon’s sloppy seconds (since he hit on her first)? Or, am I confused?
    And B, when can we expect to see you in the live audience?

    1. Technically, she used the saying right (if she “had” him first, he’d be Annie’s seconds to Rachel), but I have trouble with her using it if it’s only based on the perception that the dude was flirting with her.

  5. God, the Chenbot was at the top of her game last night. Her reaction to Annie saying Brendan is her sloppy seconds was one of my all-time favorite Chenbot reaction shots.

    I hope they find a way to work Annie into the rest of the season to terrorize these people. And preferably NOT by giving her pranks you typically see selling for 40 cents from the back page of a comic book. She should show up on the video screen from time to time and yell insults at these people, just to drive them all crazy.

    1. “And preferably NOT by giving her pranks you typically see selling for 40 cents from the back page of a comic book.” Totally agree, T-man. It seems like they spent maybe 2 minutes strategizing on the new season twist… 😛

  6. Well done, again, Ben. But, I get the feeling you aren’t watching the feeds as we addicts are. Some of your house guest opinions might be changed a bit. The CBS TV shows are a bit slanted.

  7. Julie looked fabulous last night, total opposite of the way she looked last week.

    If I might quote Annie — “To find Brendon’s balls I need a flashlight & tweezers.”

    I thought it was hilarious that Ragan thought he would be better than Britney at getting out of a ticket. I guess because most of the cops in West LA are gay??

    And thanks for including a photo of Annie with her sunglasses on her head – she did that ALL the time. Between those on her head & the fugly sandals (as mentioned by Britney in her goodbye tape) on her clomping feet I was glad to see her go.


  8. Julie looked fabulous last night! I was happy to see Rachael win, if only to see who she puts up for eviction.

    Goodbye to the ugly sandal-wearer!

    1. I agree with jaa1169 agreeing with me. (but then we ARE in a secret alliance so there’s that)


  9. So, any thoughts as to how CBS will put a twist back into the show since their twist failed so miserably?

    Brenden is so lame. He may be smart, but I guess he stays in the lab too much to understand how to act in the “real world”…

    My favorite is still Matt too. Hopefully he won’t get too nuts from all of the BB house shit.

  10. I love how the chick in black, on the left side of the picture, has the exact same expression as Julie. Haha.

  11. honeybunny’ i now have two supervisors wearing sunglasses on heads…its krazy

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