If there’s any cuisine I’m totally obsessed with, it’s probably Korean. On any given night I’m pestering my friends to grab some grub in Koreatown — or K-Town (not to be confused with my hometown of Katonah, NY, also known as K-Town amongst the local ruffians). Whether it’s BBQ or tofu or grilled clams or hot […]

THINGS I ATE: Korean Grub at Kobawoo House

Kobawoo House in Koreatown is hardly a discovery. The place has been packing in eager diners for years and years, with hungry patrons lining up to taste the restaurant’s famed pork belly bossam (not to mention the expert seafood pancake also found on the menu). What exactly is bossam? It’s basically meat that gets rolled […]

RESTAURANTS ARE FUN: Takara and Sun Ha Jang

I’ve decided to start a new little section of the blog called “Restaurants Are Fun” (name subject to change) to document some of the random spots I go to with my friends (and sometimes enemies, but that is VERY rare). I wouldn’t say these are full on reviews per se, but they’re kind of a […]

The Two Catchiest (and Perhaps Only) Korean Music Videos You’ll See Today

Earlier this week, my friend Bets and I enjoyed a lovely dinner at Palsaik Samgyupsal Korean BBQ, which not only afforded us copious amounts of pork, but also a lovely variety of Korean pop videos on the sizable TV overhead. I wouldn’t call myself a general fan of K-pop (heck, I don’t even know if […]