Kobawoo House in Koreatown is hardly a discovery. The place has been packing in eager diners for years and years, with hungry patrons lining up to taste the restaurant’s famed pork belly bossam (not to mention the expert seafood pancake also found on the menu). What exactly is bossam? It’s basically meat that gets rolled up in pickled radish or cabbage. That’s the simplistic, white-man’s version at least. Don’t worry — I have pictures.

Waiting in line. There’s almost always a line at Kobawoo. Be warned.

With two of my friends: Marcos and Jess. Marcos, it should be noted, was stuck in a diminutive chair. Photo credit by SLY.

The bossam. On the far side of the plate are the “wrappers” — cabbage and radish. On the near side is a pile of (sublime) pork belly. And in the middle are added goodies that go in the bundle: jalapeños, spicy radish, and a shrimpy paste of sorts. I dunno. Just eat it.

Our seafood pancake. Crispy, oily, fishy — all in the best way.

Some of the damage we did.

The inevitable stain.

Happy diners (photo, courtesy of Tiffany)

REALLY happy diners.

Afterwards, we gathered at Cafe Mak for dessert.

We were very impressed with the QR Code integration… until we discovered what a pain in the ass it was.

Some desserts. The thing on the right was pretty good. I believe it was a sweet potato cake. The plastic container on the left, however, was a massive disappointment.

These were called “choclate delights” or something like that. They did not taste chocolatey, despite the presence of chips, and in fact, we all thought they were bland and awful. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

Kobawoo House
698 S Vermont Ave, Ste 109
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 389-7300