VIDEO: Watch A Frog Licking An iPhone! (Twist Ending!)

A week ago, I posted a video of a lizard playing “Ant Crusher,” a game that implores users to crush ants (hence the name “Ant Crusher”). Now comes a response of sorts: it’s an African bullfrog playing the same game. Things don’t end so nicely though… Via The Daily What

13 Horrific Examples of Animal Cruelty in Nintendo Games

Pure evil. This past weekend, Nintendo released Super Mario 3D Land, which features the return of the Tanooki Suit, a brown racoon-esque costume that first appeared way back in 1988 when Super Mario 3 hit stores. To some, this furry, tan outfit represents cute nostalgia, but for many of us, we can’t help but see …

AT LAST: The Inevitable Eurotrash Techno Version of the ‘Zelda’ Theme Song

Get out your glow sticks and cheap cologne: it’s a totally Euro-tastic techno cover of one of the greatest video game tunes of all time — The Legend of Zelda! Finally, the wonderful, nostalgic theme song of our youth presented in the Rumanian dance club style we always knew it could shine in. Color me …

The Inevitable ‘Saved By The Bell’ YouTube Interactive Video Game

THIS is amazing. The Finer Bros. (Benny and Rafi) have created an 8-bit Nintendo-esque verison of Saved By The Bell, but this video is more than that. It’s an actual game you can play. Think of it as a really colorful version of Choose Your Adventure. Via The Daily What

B-Side Blog Goes To E3, Geeks Out

(that’s me) The massive video game convention known as E3 came to town last week, and since I am a video game geek at heart, I headed into the thick of it to check out the new games and over-the-top presentations. It was a blast, as usual; although, I didn’t have any exciting star sightings …