I’m loving Big Brother so much, and I’m just sad that the live shows have such lengthy voting processes and HOH competitions because it means we get to see so little of what happens in the house post-Veto, pre-vote. It’s a shame since so much has transpired, but here’s to hoping the producers will futz with the show chronology and include some of the good stuff on Sunday’s episode. Or better yet: how about CBS just makes the live show 90 minutes instead? The Chenbot can handle it.

In the meantime, here’s the latest double photocap:

Devin: “Hey Bro, welcome to the Bomb Squad. It’s just you, me, and the Nilla Wafers.”
Hayden: “Are you trying to kiss me?”
“What? No, bro.”
“You just licked my ear.”
“That’s the Bomb Squad secret handshake. Except we do it with our tongues.”
“It’s kind of weird.”
“Lick a Nilla Wafer, bro.”
“What? No.”
“Are you Bomb Squad for life? Or is this just a game?”
“It’s now or never, bro.”
“Hey, you just licked my ear again.”
“You got tasty ears, bro. Like a Nilla Wafer.”
“Well… I can’t argue with that.”

Amber: “No offense, Caleb, but you’ve been sitting there for two hours silently. It’s really creeping me out.”

Derrick: “So who should we vote out?”
Caleb: “And more importantly, Amber, will you marry me?”

Frankie: “Do you like my hair? I’m going for a modern fiberglass look.”

“I don’t know what this is, but I’m THRILLED!”

“Yo, yo, real quick. I’m not sure I can trust the Nilla Wafers anymore. Wait, they’re right behind me? Not cool, bro.”

“Please don’t show me your penis.”

“Yo, bro, from now on, it’s just you, me, and these bird pillows. Nilla Wafers are out of the Bomb Squad.”

“It’s come to my attention that someone in the Bomb Squad has been plotting against me. I’m pretty sure it was the Nilla Wafers, but if anyone else has anything to say, now would be a good time. No judgments (although I reserve the right to pass judgment).”

“The guy is mentally unstable, paranoid, and totally untrustworthy. I should be completely honest with him!”

“By the way, I’d like to add that this isn’t a dictatorship. Please share your thoughts with me so I know which ideas I’ll be ignoring when I make my own decisions on behalf of the alliance.”

“Okay, so here’s the deal. I did say I wanted you voted out, but I didn’t mean it. What I meant was that I do NOT want you voted out. Ah, glad that’s cleared up. Good chat!”

“I need to balance these planets. There’s no way I’m letting a single-mother solar system walk out of this house without being balanced.”

“Yo, Brittany, I just want you to know that I really didn’t like you questioning my integrity. I was being totally honest with you in the hopes of building trust, and you couldn’t have cared less. You know, kind of like how I turned on Zach after he tried to build trust through honesty with me.”

“I have a kid.”

“Oh never mind. You’re safe, bro.”

“I came in this house to play a game with integrity; so along those lines, I plan to go back on my word to Pao-Pao, backstab Zach, and neglect the greater good of my alliance. Bro, that feels so great to get off my chest.”

“Good evening. I’m Julie Chen, and I’ve been standing in this position for five hours.”

“Yo, DJ Pao-Pao is spinning this tale like wha-wha PEW PEW PEW eeeeoooowwweeee!”

“This is too stressful. Must… channel… Miss Saigon.”

“Yo, if Devin thinks he can backstab DJ Pao-Pao, he has another thing coming…. what that is, I don’t know. BUT IT’S COMING!”

“Nicole, don’t move. There is a ghost in the shape of a moth DIRECTLY BEHIND YOU.”
Nicole: “Oh nnnnoo.”

“Oh man, I am DRAGGING. I stayed up way too late listening to Sponge.”

“So, Devin, I want you to know that we’re going to keep Zach. This is what the alliance wants, and since we’re not a dictatorship, you should be cool with that, right?”

“Whatever, bro. I’m out of the Bomb Squad. I’m going back to the Nilla Wafers.”

Devin: “Hey bro, hit the lights for me? If you don’t, I’ll know you’re coming after me.”

“I’m on this show too!”

Julie: “So how stupid do you feel for trusting the most unstable person in the house?”

“Pao-Pao, bro, I want to play this game with integrity, and I promise that as soon as I get out of this house, I will look up the definition of that word.”

“Dammit, it’s so hard to concentrate when you’re this handsome.”

“I think I can do this, bwat I just have to make sure I don’t hit the three ghosts standing in the way.”

Nicole: “Wait, Derrick has spy camera glasses also? What the heck?”

What did you think about the latest happenings in the Big Brother house?

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  1. Lol yeah this pretty much sums up devin! Thanks so much for posting made me laugh! Def sharing with other bb superfans 🙂

  2. Thanks for making me laugh my ass off. I found you guys a year ago through Big Brother. I have listened and followed you guys since. I watch Bravo shows because of your podcasts and updates. Bravo should pay you guys! Love you!

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