JUST when you thought this blog was dead, here I come blazing back with a new, important post. Truthfully, this is more than a post. This is a tradition as old as time itself (assuming that time began in 2008). I speak, of course, of the Tournament of Cham, that annual celebration of basketball, March Madness, and rampant gambling.

For those needing some backstory, let me illuminate you.

The Tournament of Cham at its most basic form is nothing more than a Men’s NCAA basketball / March Madness bracket pool. Hosted by the inimitable Yahoo! Sports, the very first iteration occurred in 2009 — an ancient time when such ambitious names as “Tournament of Champions” were simply too long for the Internet. Thus, the truncated Tournament of Cham was born.

Sure, Cham may be a necessary abbreviation to fit Yahoo!’s stern character limits, but I like to think of it as something bigger, bolder. Cham is the spirit that compels us to rise to our feet, throw caution to the wind, and tell the world “Hey, I am qualified to make predictions about a vastly unpredictable basketball tournament!”

So do you have the Cham? Because if you do, I want you and all your friends to sign up for B-Side Blog’s Tournament of Cham.

Just click here and let the power of the Cham take over!