WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #119: Reading, Writing and Beating Up Popular People

Ronnie Karam (TrashTalkTV) and Ben Mandelker (bsideblog) are joined by the incomparable Alexandra August (TrashTalkTV) to laugh about the amazing “Bookgate” episode of Real Housewives of New York, plus the first part of a month long reunion fest on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There are also some marital issues to discuss on Real Housewives of Atlanta, the season finale of Blood Sweat and Heels, and crazy news from the ever classy Southern Charm. Join us!

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2 replies on “WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #119: Reading, Writing and Beating Up Popular People”

  1. I don’t have a Facebook but I listen every week to you and Ronnie. Just wanna say that I like Katie as a guest n hope y’all continue to have her from time to time. I don’t hear n agenda from her at all. She’s funny.

  2. Totally agree!!!! I love Katie too!!! She hates all the right idiots. This is why I don’t do Facebook. People get to over emotional on it.
    Love all three of you!!!! (Alexandria was good too.)

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