This week on “The Banter Blender,” Ronnie Karam ( joins Ben Mandelker ( again to discuss a variety of topics, starting with online etiquette. The two delve into the world of baby status updates, humble brags, and Instagram offenses, among other things.

Next the guys take on the latest season of Survivor and roll their eyes at Justin Bieber’s latest antics. Plus, details about meeting BRENCHEL (a.k.a Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reily) from Big Brother and Amazing Race. Just the usual mix of topics for The Banter Blender. Come listen!

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One reply on “BANTER BLENDER #84: Online Etiquette, Survivor, and Justin Bieber”

  1. Love this site! I’m a Trashmi, and a WWCrappens fan, but the two of you could discuss Caleurpa Taxifolia (killer seaweed – my secret fear) and make it ridiculously funny.

    Wish there were more lifestyle podcasts with the two of you. I also wish my ex would slip into a coma, but I’d NEVER post that on Facebook under my own name from and identifiable IP address. Thanks for the entertainment…..

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