I’m back!! Thank you all for your patience while I’ve been working on other projects. They’re not totally done, but I have enough time now to write a photocap or two; so I thought I’d jump right into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Admittedly, this third season hasn’t been the most exciting (the bigger story is that Real Housewives of Miami is about ten times more entertaining than both BH and Atlanta combined — who would have thought?), but sometimes with a great cast, we don’t always need fireworks every episode.

New to the cast this season has been Yolanda Foster, a flaxen beauty who’s married to music producer extraordinaire David Foster. So far Yolanda has stayed out of the drama, choosing instead to stare down any given person with icy, scary eyes. In other words: I love her so far. The season, however, is young, and while I’m impressed with Yolanda’s steely reserve, personal style, and sexy Dutch accent, I am aware that she may turn out to be an über biatch. For now though, she and Lisa have been holding down the fort in the classy department (if there can even be such a thing on Bravo, let alone the city of Beverly Hills).

Aside from Yolanda’s arrival, the other big news has been the rift between Lisa and Adrienne. It all started during the reunion when Adrienne claimed that Lisa leaked stories to Radar Online. Lisa bristled at the accusation, and the women have been on shaky ground ever since. This week, the two women attempted to mend fences (or wrought-iron gates, as it were), and surprisingly, Adrienne uttered a full apology over wine. Lisa, however, did not reciprocate. That’s okay though because Lisa doesn’t actually have anything to apologize for. The only thing I can think of is perhaps saying sorry for letting Adrienne spend a single dime on that God-awful floral arrangement that looked like a poop recreation of Sri Lanka.

Anyway, with an awkward truce brokered, the women all headed up to Ojai for a girls’ weekend. The most shocking part about this was that sweet, slurry Kim was the one who had organized the trip. Clearly whenever the words “organized” and “Kim” appear in the same sentence, something is bonkers.

Nevertheless, aside from some minor chirping about the sleeping arrangements, the Ojai trip started off just fine. The ladies all headed off to a pleasant dinner, and for once, they all acted like adults. Even Brandi and Kim hit it off — like two old crutches stashed behind a couch. That analogy was forced, and I apologize.

Well, eventually Kim began to cry because, well, that’s just what she does, and as Brandi and Kim began to have a moment, Adrienne piped up with a condescending “Somebody’s crying!” This was far less of an entertaining approach than last year’s “Uh… You’re having a mental breakdown,” and as such, Brandi immediately lashed out, telling Adrienne to SHUT THE FUCK UP. Yikes. Admittedly, Adrienne shouldn’t have been such a bitch, but I suspect she was actually trying to keep the mood light, and Kyle did have a point when she noted that the proper response should have been, “We’re having a private conversation. Please stay out of it.”

Ah, but here I am talking about manners and proper behavior. How silly of me to expect such things. I’ll just be quiet and stare judgmentally. Yup, I’m totally Yolanda-ing right now. Here’s the photocap:

“I’m sorry, Adrienne. I didn’t hear a word you said. I was too busy being RADIANT.”

“I’m not happy to see you. It’s just that Paul froze my face in this position.”

“Well, since we made up, I’ll just text Bernie to cancel the Edible Arrangement made from banana peels and feces.”

“Cheers to being friends again. Even though you DO owe me an apology.”
Lisa: “For what?”
“I dunno. THINGS.”
“What things?”
“You know… things.”
“Adrienne, just spit it out.”
“Well… if we’re being honest… I bought a new throne for my breakfast nook, and you haven’t ONCE complimented me about it. Not once!!”

Yolanda: “Welcome to my home, Kim. I hope you like it.”
Kim: “Yes, it’s wonderful and beautiful and–“

“Now that I’m sober, I’ve come to realize that I don’t just love the planes at the Van Nuys airport. I like the planes at ALL airports!!”

“Tonight, I shall make a topiary of Kim’s face.”

“I have to change my book title? How about… ‘How To Slash Your Ex’s Tires and Look Good Doing It.'”

“No… that’s no good. What about… ‘What To Do If Your Ex Cheats On You With A Country Singer Who Looks Like A Goat.'”

“‘I WILL FUCKING KILLING YOU: The Brandi Glanville Guide To Game Night.'”

“‘SHUT THE FUCK UP: Modern Etiquette For Leggy Ladies.'”

“Okay, honey. You go take your test, and I’ll go find someplace around her to do splits.”

“She’s gotta pass. I mean, they gave a license to Kim for crying out loud.”

“I hope you don’t mind me hiding my hands. I don’t want you to see my VERY WRINKLY THUMB.”

Guy: “This lip gloss will distract everyone from that raisin you call a thumb.”

Lisa: “For the last time, Brandi your thumb looks perfectly fine. So what if it resembles Dame Maggie Smith after an hour in the hot tub?”

Brandi: “My wrinkly thumb has ruined all these photos.”
Brandi: “This is when you’re all supposed to say I’m crazy and overreacting.”
Lisa: “I’m sorry, darling. It’s quite hideous.”

Kim: “Wow. This is a beautiful Costco.”
Adrienne: “I get my own room. And I demand a floral arrangement that looks like a turd menorah.”
Camille: “Can we talk about my hot boyfriend some more?”
Taylor: “I’m wasted.”

Lisa: “Darling, please look away. I’m trying to pee.”

“I just want to thank everyone for coming. I’m really, really happy, and I have to say Cleveland is a lot prettier than I thought it would be.”
Kyle: “Uh… Kim? We’re not in Cleveland.”
“Yeah we are. Cleveland, Ohio.”
“No. We’re in Ojai. Not Ohio.”
“Like I said: Ohio.”
“No, Ojai and Ohio are different.”
“But I thought…”
“No, Kim.”
“It’s like Maurice and Mauricio. Ojai and Ohio. Same thing.”
“No, Kim.”
“But… I can see the prairies.”
“That’s a golf course, Kim.”
“I… I get nervous.”

What did you think about the episode? How do you like the season?


  1. I’m a Watch What Crappens addict, admittedly, but your recaps really are the best around. “I WILL FUCKING KILLING YOU: The Brandi Glanville Guide To Game Night” and the Kim bits at the end were worth the wait.

    Thanks so much.

  2. Thank you so much for your recaps. They are truly laugh-out-loud hilarious. I really look forward to them. Your talent is much appreciated around here. Please. Keep up the great work!

  3. Great recap B-Side so glad you are back!
    So far I like this season I am loving Brandi and not loving Kyle.
    I think Kyle is very judgemental when it comes to Kim, I think Kim keeps her kids away from the meddling Kyle.
    I like that Yolanda is being supportive towards Kim and really unsupportive to Taylor.
    Lisa can do no wrong and Adrienne is a total yawn.
    I LOVE the Housewives of Miami it is crazy good!

  4. What about Adrienne getting in the digs at Lisa picking the master suite in Colorado or “first come, first served” with the bedrooms in Ojai. Give it a rest Maloof!

  5. ok, I am really like Brandi. She is about the only one I can stand on this show. I am glad that she and Kim were able to talk. This is my feeling about their convo…I can totally understand why Kim was crying. I do the same thing. There are just times where you are in a particular conversation and you can’t quite get the words out, so instead of saying, “please, I really don’t want to talk about this. maybe later in a more private setting, or when I am ready to talk to you about it, I will”, the tears just kind of come and there is no stopping it. It was nice to see Brandi again say she was sorry. I think by Brandi complimenting Kim on how she has raised her kids really helped. I would like to see these two be friendly…

    As for plastic faced Adrian..yeah she totally deserved that stfu! Way to start some shit that didn’t need to be started. She was bored and needed to start something.

    As for ” I gained 10 pounds” Taylor, yeah she can shut the eff up also. Brandi does not start shit every where you go! You do, effer! I so, caught her, I want to move right in to this house!

    Next week, Kyle does the splits….! and we see some butt….

    Oh, one last thing…in the intro’s I swear Kyle says ” I’m born and raised in Beverly Hills”

  6. Soooooo glad that B-side and the photocaps are back! They are truly the best thing about the housewives on the internet, by far! For that matter, I read all of your photocaps, even the ones for the shows I don’t watch, because they all make me laugh.

  7. So Ben…you and I have been on the outs lately because you went away and did not write. But I absolutely forgave you at “turd menorah”. So we are all good again.


  8. I am not sure which makes me happier – b’s recaps being back or Brandi telling Audrienne to STFU.


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