6 replies on “VIDEO: Mister Rogers Autotuned”

  1. This was FANTASTIC! Made me smile and well up with tears.

    I still try to plant things in the garden of my mind…but continue to use too much fertilizer 🙂

  2. I remember years ago when some comedy show tried to punk Mister Rogers by taking over a hotel room, stripping it down to absolutely nothing, putting a hidden camera in the closet, and then filming guests reacting to the news that they had no TV, sheets, hot water, etc. Mister Rogers was one of those guests. And he remained gracious and accomodating to everything: “That’s all right, I don’t watch TV anyway;” “That’s all right, I can make do with cold water;” “That’s all right, I know all of you are doing the best you can do.” They finally had to confess that it was a joke, they were trying to get him riled up, and they felt so guilty that he was so nice about everything that they couldn’t keep it up. And he saw the humor in the situation and laughed. The man was a saint – he puts me to shame.

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