VIDEO: B-Side Blog Turns Zombie

My ol’ podcasting buddy Lisa Timmons is currently taking a filmmaking class, and for one of her assignments, she had to direct some manner of a chase scene. At least, that’s what she told me when asking if I would play a zombie in her pièce de résistance: Walkers. Naturally, I couldn’t resist. I always knew I was dead inside, and after a few hours of shooting this movie, I discovered I was actually undead.

Anyway, if you have four minutes to spare, watch as I haplessly chase around a pretty speed-walker, played by the lovely Gabriela Fisk.

In other news, Lisa totally treated me to lunch at Kitchen 24 afterwards. SCORE!

3 replies on “VIDEO: B-Side Blog Turns Zombie”

  1. Lisa — Beautifully Realized … Tour-de-force … Riveting.
    B — The irony of you playing a ‘scary’ walker is not lost on me.


  2. Nice work, Lisa!
    Now, scrape Ben off the pavement so he can get caught up on his blogs.

  3. B- the whole “walking over a footbridge” scene was very reminiscent of Abbey Road to me. Was this intentional Lisa? If so- Bravo! If not- still Bravo for a great short film!

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