Tournament of Cham 2012 Anoints A Winner!


After a hard fought battle culminating in Kentucky winning the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, the Tournament of Cham finally has a winner too. Results after the jump!

In third place was my team, The Downton Dowagers, who after a lengthy reign at the top of the pack (which NEVER happens to me), ultimately stumbled in the last rounds, dropping to bronze (150 points) after Kansas upended Ohio State for a chance at the big game.

Kansas’ victory paved the way for MrsMeow to sneak right up into second place by one point (151 points), but by then our fates were locked, even before the final game was played. Yes, the juggernaut known as SpecialK seized first place and never let go, taking her bracket all the way to the winner’s circle with a score of 155 points.

It was an epic, fierce battle, and I think we should all raise our chalices and sippy cups to applaud SpecialK’s epic victory!


6 replies on “Tournament of Cham 2012 Anoints A Winner!”

  1. Congrats Special K! I have no interest in NCAA bball, but I love you and I am thrilled at your win!

  2. Thank you Kansas. How exciting to win the Tournament of Cham! Very fun. I wish I would have put some money on that bracket but I’ll take braggin’ rights. Thanks B, for hosting the Tournament of Cham.

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