The Real Housewives of Atlanta are going to Africa! That was the gist of this week’s episode, which saw the women more or less doing nothing but preparing for the big trip. NeNe continued to debate whether or not to go, but leave it to That Girl Marlo Hampton to set her straight. The oft-arrested socialite told NeNe she’d be crazy to pass up the trip (which we all know had to have been free); so NeNe countered that she would only go if Marlo came with her. Marlo, never one to shy away from social advancement, happily signed on, and just like that, NeNe was back on board the African adventure. Of course, she didn’t actually tell Phaedra, the organizer, which was a bit tacky, but then again, far be it for me to call NeNe tacky. After all, she’s RICH now: she’s earned her tackiness.

While NeNe continued to downwardly spiral into hideous diva behavior, Kim continued her renaissance as an affable, if spoiled, woman. She still does the same ridiculous stuff that she does every season, but there’s something much more enjoyable about her this time around. Maybe it’s because she’s so happy. Or maybe it’s because she’s just lost ten inches after having wrapped herself in ace-bandages for forty-five minutes. Yes, it was another experimental weight-loss technique, and while it wasn’t as ridiculous as last year’s laser machine, watching Kim mummify herself voluntarily was pretty hilarious. The producers amusingly cross-cut scenes of Kim’s bizarre approach with Kandi busting her ass with a trainer, once again reminding us that while Kim might be more likable, she’s still the lazy redneck we always knew her to be.

Did anything else even happen this episode? Cynthia and Peter once again traded passive-aggressive barbs. Or more like Peter made passive-aggressive comments, Cynthia laughed them off. GREAT.

Kroy headed off to training camp, which was only forty-minutes away, but these people acted as if he was off to Croatia. Still, it was hard not to like the big lug after he ambled up to Brielle’s bedroom and hugged her goodbye, saying he loved her in the meantime. Aw.

Anyway, here’s the photocap:

“Oooh, Marlo! You giving me this Chanel??”
“Yeah girl. It’s all yours. Ooooh wait. Let me make sure I got my Glock out of there.”

“GIRL, I just saw Gnomeo & Juliet last night, and that is a fine film as I’ve ever seen. A FINE film!!!”

“Okay, so let me get this right: you found termites in my vajayjay; so now you have to fumigate me and wrap me up for three days?”

“Is this what the Svedka robot would look like if she were mummified?”

“I’m a little confused. How am I supposed to use these big tires as vibrators?”

Peter: “Now comes the time when I say something passive-aggressive with a smile on my face and then act as if you’re the one with the communication problem. Haha!”
“I’m a pirate.”

“All them girls want me to go to South Africa, but what’s in South Africa? I don’t see no Meat Loaf or LaToya Jackson or Star Joneses over there. Those are all my supporting cast ofThe Celebrity Apprentice, WHICH I WON.”

“Girl, you did not win that show, and you know it.”

“I can’t front, Marlo. I did NOT win. But I got rich! I get two scoops at Dairy Queen now, girl!”

“Girl, you living the high life! I got nothing for my time on The Apprentice.”

“You were on The Apprentice, girl?”

“Yeah. But it was called Jail Cell-ebrity Apprentice. I was the winningest Project Manager until I got fired for shivving my teammate.”

“Kroy, how about we ditch this place and blow a few C-Notes at Sizzler.”

“Sherayay, I just ask one thing of you: make sure my daughter doesn’t try to get Nelson Mandela on Kandi Koated Nights.”

“Hey guys! I’m ready to bring boring to Africa! Oh, and here’s my asshole husband. Say hi, Peter.”
“Hahaha, such an asshole!”

Phaedra: “Have we always been this short?”

Marlo: “Hi ladies!!! I made sure not to wear no zippers since I was informed that I’m on some sort of ‘no fly’ list. What’s that all about?”

What did you think about the episode?

9 replies on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA PHOTOCAP: Housewives in Africa? DRAMA!”

  1. Sheree and Phaedra’s reaction to Marlo showing up was priceless!!! Loved Nene’s face when she saw her jewelry cost over $10,000…thought you were rich Nene!?!

  2. I dont know why but I kind of like Marlowe (did I spell that right) I wish Kim was going to Africa!! Seriously can’t wait for Dont be tardy for the wedding!!!!

  3. That photo of the shorties across from the tall ones had me lol.
    I’m glad NeNe and Marlo are going on the trip, otherwise I think it would be boring. Hope it’s like the Italian cruise, Punta Cana, and Morocco all rolled into one!!

  4. Just seeing the way some are dressed compared to the others is so telling.
    Marlo and Nene are dressed for the runway and the rest are in clothing most would wear on a 14 hour flight…

    Of course Marlo had to go along or else there would not be enough fighting for Bravo to foot the bill for the trip…. I can’t wait to see the attire they pick out for riding elephants.

    Bside’s comment under the picture of Peter and Cynthia at the curb is too funny. He really is such an asshole!

      1. I agree…I just noticed how she *hasn’t* put baby KJ down while at home. I was actually kind of surprised Kim has the motherly instinct 😛
        I like her this season…well, with exception to how she’s treating Sweetie.

  5. Peter is a douche.
    Cynthia bores me and everyone else to tears.
    Nene done gone Hollywood.
    Marlo is a criminal monkey with a wig on.
    Liking Kim this season.
    Kandi is the real deal Holyfield.

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