Exciting news from the Internet: Matt Whitfield (Yahoo!), Ronnie Karam (TVgasm), and I have reunited to form a new podcast called “Watch What Crappens,” which focuses exclusively on the exciting offerings of Bravo. Just like our previous podcast, “Housewife Hoedown,” we’ll be spending a huge amount of time talking about The Real Housewives, but now we’ll also cover Top Chef, Tabatha Takes Over, and whatever else we happen to catch over the course of the week. It’s all Bravo, all the time.

Unfortunately, Matt got called into his office today at the last sec, which meant he wasn’t able to participate in this first episode (we actually recorded an episode last week that got destroyed by gnomes in my computer), but it’s okay because he’ll be back soon on the podcast soon.

Anyway, on this first episode, Ronnie and I discussed the season finale of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and then from there we went right into Atlanta, OC, and even Miami. Plus, we talked Top Chef, made fun of Padma and Gail, and sized up various other Bravo-lebrities before ending in a strange tour of our favorite impersonations. Feels good to be back!

Unlike “Housewife Hoedown,” this podcast is not live, which means we can no longer take calls from listeners, but we’re hoping you all still enjoy it and subscribe to it from iTunes (pending approval) and listen to it on your iPod or in the car or on the subway. You get the point. Plus, you can always hear it at the Sideshow Network too (as well as many other podcasts).

Looking forward to many more podcasts and guests in the future!

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  1. Fun podcast! The Lynette Snipes tag for Taylor’s book is one of her aliases. Apparently, Taylor changed her name to Lynette Snipes sometime before she met Russell. The Stoopid Housewives site really dug into her background and came up with the info. FYI, I would never want to get those people mad at me. They find all the dirt.

  2. I really miss watching you guys do this weekly. Especially Flipit and his expressions and impressions. Not quite the same just listening to it. Sad face now….

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