There’s a chance that last night’s episode of Community may have been its last, and what better way to go out than by mocking shlock like Glee while simultaneously serving us up a bevy of amusing musical numbers?

After the jump, check out some of the best tunes and weigh in on which one you think reigned supreme…

Troy and Abed present a tour of Baby Boomer music, replete with goofy costumes. Score a point for Abed at his cartoony best in an afro.

“Happy Birthday, Jesus!” Quintessential Shirley. This clip might be my favorite.

Britta totally Brittas it.

Troy and Abed nurture their inner Childish Gambino. Wait, I think this is my favorite.

Annie gets sexy. And articulate!

Which is your favorite?

7 replies on “Which Musical Number Did You Like Best from The ‘Community’ Christmas Special?”

  1. How can I choose just one?! Last night I laughed til I almost puked, no joke. I have to go with Annie because it was the first time I actually didn’t mind the Jeff/Annie flirtation. Plus, she was kinda hot.

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