Let me know if you’ve heard this one before: Taylor Armstrong goes to a social event, cries, accuses everyone of not knowing what she’s going through, and then redirects her own frustrations with her marriage at another woman. It should sound familiar because it’s happened twice already on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and last night, we headed into round three at the Malibu Beach House Party from Hell, as Bravo called it. Yes, it was all the big lipped, blubbering messiness that we could have asked for and then some. The only thing that was missing was, well, Kim.

Yes, Kim sadly avoided the beach party disaster, mostly because it was being hosted by her arch-rival Brandi. Inviting Kimmy to this event was the equivalent of asking her “Hey, feel like hoping into an industrial meat combine?” It should therefore be no surprise that Kim opted to stay home in Westlake Village and chomp on a dainty plate of Cheetos. Sure, I could make a joke here about the inherent white trashiness of this image, but as one who has as recently as Saturday enjoyed a private Cheetos moment, I will let Kim enjoy her snack. I do, however, question the choice to simultaneously washing white linens. Maybe it’s me, but I’m not sure I’d like Kim’s little orange paw prints speckling my sheets.

Also avoiding the party was Lisa VanderPump, who spent her portion of the episode doting on table arrangements for PANDY’s wedding. I wouldn’t call this the most fascinating segment in the world, and knowing that there’d be an epic meltdown in our future, I was halfway tempted to fast forward through all this silliness. However, the build-up is half the fun on this show, even if it does mean later watching Lisa and Ken amble through the expansions space of their restaurant. Yawn.

Other benign filler in the episode included Kyle bringing her mother-in-law to Paul for a facelift checkup. I’m not a fan of facelifts, but that being said, Paul did do a very good job on Estella, and she should be thanking her lucky stars that he didn’t destroy her natural good looks. That’s why I was immediately panicked when she demanded more filler for her face. This is how it starts, people. Paul, of course, was happy to oblige, and he promptly entered used car salesman mode as he tried to push stuff on Kyle. I respect Paul as a doctor, but I can’t help feeling like he preys on these people’s physical insecurities.

Anyway, Kyle later held an unremarkable Cinco de Mayo party (featuring The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick), and soon it was on to Brandi’s beach house party. We knew we’d be in for a doozy when the traditional pre-drama pageantry began twenty minutes into the episode. You know what I’m talking about: any good dust-up features at least five minutes of limo discussion and arrival footage. We certainly got that in spades last night. In one limo were Camille and her crew (D.D. and another friends), and in another were Kyle and Taylor, the latter of whom began drinking right away. It only took a few seconds before Team Camille and Team Taylor began talking smack about each other. Camille reiterated that she felt terrible and just wanted to make amends. Taylor announced once again that Camille had committed the ultimate betrayal, and she wasn’t ready to forgive. This naturally would end well.

Eventually the ladies all arrived at the house where we saw Linda Thompson (a.k.a. Brody Jenner’s mom) for the first time this season as well as Celebrity Rehab’s Jennifer Gimenez. I briefly assumed the presence of a substance abuse expert might be beneficial to this group, but clearly I underestimated the degree of craziness we’d soon encounter. It made Celebrity Rehab look like a croquet game.

Well, Taylor soon walked in the door, and Camille greeted her with a big, long, perhaps phony hug. It was… awkward. Just imagine a robot embracing a giraffe. It was like that. But even stranger. And bonier.

Now, if there’s anyone who’s an expert on superficial gestures, it’s Taylor, but she was having none of this. She just stood there like a collapsed skeleton, waiting for the moment to end. Of course, we all were waiting for it to end. I wanted to crawl under a bed and make the bad memories go away.

So what to do with a bunch of skinny bitches attempting to suppress emotional undercurrents? Get ’em drunk! I’m fairly certain everyone was pretty drunk by the time Taylor and Kyle had arrived, but now they were ready to go off the deep end. Luckily there were some catered, Thai offerings nearby, but if anyone thinks these women ate more than two bites, they are sadly mistaken. This is not what I call an “eating” crowd.

Anyway, things seemed to be fun at first. As per party tradition, Kyle unleashed her inner mean girl, unnecessarily mocking Brandi’s perpetually erect nipples. Don’t get me wrong — they were very mockworthy, but leave that to us simpering bloggers. Kyle was a guest, and snickering about her host was nothing short of tacky.

We then enjoyed a brief bellydancing interlude that had Kyle doing splits for the umpteenth time this season, and then for no apparent reason things shifted. Taylor wafted outside to have a moment alone, purportedly stressed out over being in the same room as Camille. We knew shit was about to go down. Heck, Taylor seemed about two seconds away from turning to the camera and going all Grudge on us:


Anyway, the ladies summoned Taylor back into the house where she announced dramatically that she was simply NOT okay and then proceeded to discuss how and why Camille was such a bad friend (right in front of Camille). This prompted DD to talk smack about Taylor to Camille right in front of Taylor (yes, these are grown women), and then thanks to perhaps some liquid courage, DD went up to Taylor and began berating her. It wasn’t DD’s fight to pick, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. 2010 Camille: we would have said she had once again made her peons do all the dirty work. 2011 Camille: good for her for having loyal friends!

Well, DD and Taylor began bickering, and as it grew more and more heated, everyone agreed that the conversation should be had between Camille and Taylor, not DD and Taylor. “OUTSIDE!” barked Taylor at Camille, who seemed happy to oblige, but here came pitbull DD again (what is it with Camille’s redheaded friends?) who suddenly began yelling about Taylor’s tone of voice. You don’t speak to my friend that way! Shut up DD.

There was perhaps a passing millisecond when Camille and Taylor seemed poised to begin a dialogue, but that damn DD kept interceding like a pesky mosquito. Next thing we knew, all the women were out on the balcony, with Linda Thompson attempting to put everything in perspective by saying oblique comments like “The ocean will be here far longer than any of us.” It didn’t really make sense, but I appreciated her keeping her cool, and her second point was far more salient: “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Good luck with that Linda. Your’e not allowed on the Housewives unless you specifically sweat the small stuff.

As you can imagine, it was all a total shit show, with Taylor bawling happily away. Yes, I say “happily” because even though she was sobbing, she clearly was relishing in once again being able to paint herself as the victim. Taylor was quick to pull the “You don’t know what I’ve been going through card!” again, and color me a cynic, but I think she was looking for an excuse to have this breakdown. Why else would she have initially separated herself from the pack or been so passive aggressive to talk shit about Camille directly next to her.

For once Adrienne was around to witness the disaster, and she attempted to play peacekeeper (as did Camille), but it was a fruitless endeavor. Enter Brandi, who just threw fuel on the fire by decided then to kick Taylor out of the house. It was a hilariously misguided gesture, and while she was totally entitled to do eject Ms. Armstrong, I believe that her timing could have been better. Honestly, the only way it could have been worse would have been if Brandi had said, “I’m really going to have to ask you to leave at this moment” while Taylor was mid-fart bubble during a diarrhea attack on the potty.

Too far? Never.

Well, Brandi’s request incensed Kyle, who then pulled out her Richard Finger of Rage, but no reaction was better than Taylor exasperated “Fuck YOU, Brandi,” which was admittedly the funniest moment of the night. Next thing we knew, Taylor and Brandi and Kyle were fighting while Linda Thompson sat at a harp and sang out “Blowing In The Wind.” Okay, she didn’t do that, but you just know she wanted to.

Eventually the crazies all left the house, but that didn’t mean the drama was over. Taylor proceeded to sob uncontrollably in the limo, and while I’m sure it wasn’t that funny to her, it was utterly hilarious to me. I’m not really laughing at her pain… more like the expression of her pain. Don’t act like you didn’t giggle when she responded to all of Kyle’s questions with her mouth agape like a tuna and a beat of silence, followed by inevitable wailing. Even better was that she then demanded a cigarette, yes, a cigarette to calm her nerves. It was so wonderfully cliché. I couldn’t help thinking yet again of Sally Field’s character on Soapdish bawling uncontrollably, cigarette and all.

Yup, another wonderful Housewives party disaster. Poor Dana missed out. I’m sure she would have relished the opportunity to prove her grit as a sidekick and go mano-a-mano with DD. That’s what sidekicks do — they’re there for you until the end. Always have been. Always will.

I’m sure I’ve omitted many, many great details and hilarious moments; so I apologize in advance. Feel free to talk about your favorite parts of the episode in the comments, and in the meantime, here’s the photocap:

“Oh look, PANDY! Kevin Lee has a new hair piece!”

Pandora: “I like this canape table setting. It feels extra fire hazardy!”

“I am so happy with my unnecessary plastic surgery! Now give me 30cc of Restylane and make me look like a cat.”

Paul: “You look really great for your age, Estella. I highly recommend another face lift right now. You can trust me: I have a goatee.”

Paul: “What did I say about eating ribs before seeing me?”
Estella: “I’m sorry. I was so hungry!”

Brandi: “I was thinking of having a little party — you know, get a bunch of skinny girls together on an empty stomach and ply them full of alcohol. What could go wrong?”

“I’m not going to Brandi’s party. I’m going to sit here and eat Cheetos off a plate. All classy and such. And you know what they say: the smartest thing to do when handling clean, white linens is to get Cheeto powder all over your fingers! I… I get nervous.”

“Taylor, did you get possessed by Beetlejuice again?”

Taylor: “Every time I smile at you from across the room, or we run into each other at a luncheon, or I welcome you into my home, let that smile be a reminder of just how much I despise you. And every time I hug you, that warmth you feel is my hatred burning through.”

Taylor: “Okay, seriously, can we stop hugging? This bone-on-bone action is really starting to hurt.”

Kyle: “Look at Brandi’s nips. I mean, get a grip, girl. Why she always have to show off those things? Anyway, who wants to see my vag as I do another split?”
Adrienne: “Hahaha, she’s such a stupid, clumsy BITCH!”

“You like my nips? Hahahhaha I WILL KILL YOU.”

Adrienne: “You’re having a nervous breakdown again.”
“I’m fine!”
“No. Your hair is doing the nervous breakdown thing.”
“My hair?”
“It gets all flat and crazy looking.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Adrienne. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to throw up this food in that giant vase over there.”

D.D.: “So, listen. The guy in the pink is totally checking you out. You gotta lock that down, Armstrong.”

Ken: “Aren’t you glad you didn’t go to that party in Malibu?”
“You’re not getting a blowjob, Ken.”

Taylor: “Why is Allison DuBois here?”

Camille: “I just feel like the euro zone must be redrawn and re-established with a structure that is politically and economically sound… as if Merkel would ever agree to such paradigm-rattling measures – HA!”
“What are these words you say?”

“Listen, to me, DD. I am a MESS. Okay? Yesterday, I lashed out at a pebble I found on a footstool. DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY.”

“What have you been through?”
“That’s why we’re asking.”
“Are you abused or something?”

“And you! AND YOU! How could you even be so CRUEL as to spoil THE MUPPETS for me!”

Brandi: “I think you should leave, Taylor.”
D.D. “I’m dressed like an egg yolk!”

Linda: “Guys, guys. The ocean will be here far longer than any of us.”
Taylor: “I don’t care. I HATE THE OCEAN!!!”
“But the ocean doesn’t hate you.”
“Linda, please, I beg of you, if you can’t be my friend, please don’t be my ocean enemy.”
“Ugh. Screw this. I’m gonna go hang out with my hot son Brody. I’m a COOL mom!”

Taylor: “Dave Coulier is a FINE MAN AND AN AMERICAN HERO!”
Kyle: “He’s actually Canadian.”
Linda: “I think this is great. We’re really expressing ourselves and–“

D.D.: “I said all that because I love you, Camille! I will never let anyone say those things about you!”
Camille: “Naturally. Or else I’d evict you.”

Taylor: “I’m… so… happy [sob sob].”

What did you think about the episode?


  1. I am getting very tired of Taylor’s crying…or is it fake crying? She starts blubbering away and can immediately turn it off to make a point about something. I think she just craves having that camera on her all the time and is putting on more of an act than it really is.

    I am also not liking Kyle this season. She really can’t let go of the mean girl attitude when it comes to Brandi.

    Great blog, as usual B!

  2. Great Blog! I live for these blogs after each episode.
    I have to say that I think that Lisa was right about Taylor from the beginning. She is very manipulative and something just ain’t right with her. I watched her interview with Andy Cohen. Yes, I do think that she is truly distraught over finding Russell’s body. BUT she appears to me to be cashing in on the tragedy to fuel her desire for fame and fortune. AND now that all this has happened it almost makes her untouchable to the rest of the housewives ever calling her out on all her BS.

  3. Great recap, B-Side! Taylor really is trying desperately to have a story line. “How could you say what I’ve been heavily implying!” That sums it up right there, Bravo!

    I’ve done such a switch since last season. I’m liking Camille a lot more and getting really tired of Kyle’s catty remarks. Brandi’s outfit was not made for a bra. And it was just girls. It’s not like she showed up dressed like that with the husbands around. And if she’s going to insist on rubbing her vagina on other peoples’ floors, she needs to stop being so judgy.

    1. I agree..it was just the girls having fun and Kyle is simply a bitch. Then on her Bravo blog she back pedals and tries to explain her mean girl behavior. She’s so jealous of Brandi’s youth it’s not even funny any more it’s pathetic. She’s becoming Jill Zarin…catty and mean but thinking she is everybody’s good friend.

      Taylor is severely mentally ill….and for a woman who had at least four safe houses to go to with her daughter, yet staying at home with her alleged abuser….she has only herself to blame for any danger that Kennedy was in…..millions of women would give anything to have friends with endless money and homes to take you in and protect you in that circumstance.

      I truly believe she is the grifter the tabloids have often pointed out.

      Totally off topic….what the hell with this wedding planner? Why doesn’t Lisa just tell him to shut up ..she is paying and she can do what SHE wants….not his awful taste.
      Man he is annoying.

  4. I agree with about Taylor using Russell’s tragic death as a way to make her the new spokeswoman for ending domestic abuse. “Break the cycle” is a term I never need to hear again. If you are aware enough to know there is a cycle to break, then change it yourself. I do wonder if she would still be with Russell had he not died.

  5. I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll start at Taylor’s beginning in the limo ride over with Kyle (whom I’m beginning to detest; she’s not cute, she’s rude and way too attention seeking, as our see-through dress wearing hostess aptly pointed out. And yes, I totally see the irony there). As a not so native Angeleno, 2+ years of living here inform me that you can make it from Beverly Hills to Malibu without a drink…if you’re a reasonably well-adjusted, responsible, patient adult who understands that there’ll be plenty of booze at your event. It’s like 40 minutes! Relax, ladies; it’s not a party bus en route to your senior spring formal, you lose the right to “pre game” after the age of 33! I get the idea of having a limo or whatever be there as a DD, good on them for being able to afford it so they can relax at the party (and by relax, I mean “go off the rails borderline violent crazy after way too much wine”). Such an ominous, unnecessary start to the evening. Everyone was way too drunk, way too high strung. I actually sort of got Brandy wanting the ladies to leave – getting the crowd to separate was the only step at stopping the insanity (Susan Powter, RIP even though you’re not dead). She just executed this thought crassly. Ugh, give me some Lisa Vanderpump pewter goblet bridezilla momma drama over this any day.

  6. While I think Brandi have every reason to kick Taylor out, she seemed a little too happy to do so. It was like she relished being the “mature” one and wanted to receive credit for breaking up the fight like Taylor and Adrienne had both done.

  7. Also, something I sadly know from my ill-advised early 20s, did Taylor light the filter part of her cigarette, resulting in the unusually large flame?

  8. Taylor is sickening! And I agree with what Mary said that no one will ever be allowed to say *anything* to her anymore because of *everything she has gone through*. And the way she outright blamed Camille of all people for putting her in danger, and being “a catalyst” to stuff that’s going to haunt her…OMFG my head exploded. Her interview with Andy was a bunch of half-assed concessions that she was in the wrong but tempered with a bunch of “I was so stressed! I was so scared! I was this! I was that!” It was so fake.

    And the other thing I can’t stand about Taylor, and B, I think you mentioned this before, is the way she deflects the truth about what’s going on with these non-sequitors. A few weeks ago when she wanted to know why anyone was talking about her in the first place (because your mutual friends never come up in random conversation, never!), and then at the tea party, totally ignoring what everyone was trying to say to her by going, “This was supposed to be about LISA, why is this about my marriage?” And last night, the whole, “I don’t need Camille’s FRIENDS combatting me!” Point deflector!

    DD needed to stop, but I have to say, if I were in her situation and someone was talking shit about my best fried SLASH employer right in front of them like that, I would have said something for sure. If alcohol were involved, I might have gone the whole nine yards DD style. I do think it’s crap for Taylor to completely ignore Camille’s apologetic texts, and I can see why DD was so mad. Taylor could have said, “I’m not ready to talk about it, so please don’t engage me at the party tonight.” Oh, but that would have been mature. And then Taylor wouldn’t have been the center of attention. WE CAN’T HAVE THAT.

    I hate to say bad things about Taylor if what she says she went through is true, but I have not liked her since the first season. Lisa was right about her, and I couldn’t get past the way she was whispering under her breath to Kyle on the season 1 reunion about Kim, “should we talk about her frame of mind that night?” Way to bring families together, you douche. Wasn’t that the first time Kyle and Kim had seen each other since the limo? And she was being a total mean girl to Kim. So much dislike. Okay I’m done now. (Really I just wanted a distraction from my 15-page paper that’s due next week. Yay grad school!)

    1. I totally did that thing where I posted a really, really long comment that no one’s interested in. Sorry everyone!

  9. I find it hard watching Taylor knowing what we know about how things play out. That said….for some reason, I think Taylor instigates most of this drama by telling everyone her “troubles” then pretending there are no “troubles” when Russell was around. I understand that she might have been afraid of him however, she dragged everyone into her drama then asked them to keep their mouths shut about it. If Taylor truly believed her domestic violence chatter, Camille would be applauded for being open about things rather than sweeping things under the rug.

    I keep feeling as though Russell must have gotten wind of everyone knowing he abused Taylor and that might be the reason he killed himself. Watching this season kind of gives me the creeps.

  10. Also, it is my belief that these women would feel so much better if they ate once in a while. A body and MIND need proper nutrition to operate. It’s clear to me that they all need a good meal or two.

    1. Agreed! I’m 116 pounds at 5’4″ and they’d probably look at me like I’m crazy because I can actually clear out a big plate of food without wincing and throwing it up!

      They’d think I was a fat ass! LOL!

  11. Maybe I’m having a dumb week, but I really can’t understand why Taylor is so pissed with Camille. Unless I have it all wrong, I just assumed that Taylor told all of the other housewives about Russell’s abuse at some point prior to Lisa’s tea party. If that’s the case, why should she be so upset at Camille for what she said when everyone in the room already knew about it first-hand from Taylor anyway? I don’t know, maybe I have it all wrong and just can’t admit to myself that I’m having trouble understanding a Real Housewive’s franchise plot point.

    Anyway, this isn’t the first time Taylor’s totally destroyed the mood at someone’s get together. Why anyone continues to invite her to anything is a mystery to me. Granted, DD should have dialed it down a few dozen notches, but Taylor’s reaction was just as off-putting to me as Kim’s behavior was on game night.

    1. Because she was saying in front of cameras and Taylor (and all the ladies) knows that Bravo would never pass up the opportunity to use that footage.

      1. Thanks! I’m ashamed to admit it took Taylor explaining it to Andy on WWHL (which I watched right after posting) for me to have my “AH-HA” moment. I can’t fathom why I wasn’t able to work that one out on my own. Now I know what Kim must feel like 24/7, and yet I’m still not all that sympathetic.

        1. I think if Taylor had told the producers…look my life and my child’s life would be in danger if you put that footage out there they would not have done it. Ratings are one thing…domestic violence is another and I doubt Bravo would have let them be in danger. It’s because Russell wasn’t around they used it. And it’s not like Russell was going to see the footage later that day.

          She is full of shit.

          1. That explanation would make sense if Taylor herself didn’t drop so many oblique and overt references to the abuse – on camera. She raises the issue saying things like, “you have no idea what he does to me” and then acts as though it is some closely guarded secret. If she and her daughter were in so much danger, she could and should have left. Instead, she used it to bait people into giving her attention. I have no sympathy for this woman, and Camille had every reason to confront her.

  12. Linda shouting out platitudes was hilarious. “We are an evolved species.” I’ll bet Avril hates her.


    1. The ocean has been there longer than we have, and Taylor’s lips will be there long after our great-great-grandchildren die.

  13. Camille wants Taylor to own her problems, Taylor doesn’t want to, she wants to wear that “You don’t know what I’m going through” coat like its a Fur!
    Kyle is a 7th grader and wicked jealous of Brandi

  14. Brandi might as well have hosted the party topless. I’m no prude but I really don’t want to spend an entire evening with my girlfriends’ nipples. I don’t care if it is just the girls hanging out, this isn’t college, cover that shit up & show some respect for yourself and your guests.

    1. Maybe so but putting a laser beam on them was totally out of line and there was no excuse for that. Lots of women’s high beams show even with a bra on if it’s really cold…it doesn’t make them whores and it doesn’t mean they should be treated the way Kyle treated and treats Brandi.

      1. I missed that part & I agree that Kyle’s a mean girl – I’m not giving her a pass but I think there’s a lot of insecurity there from growing up in Kim’s shadow. Regardless of where she is now, Kim was the star of that family & I think Kyle’s still bitter about it. And harboring that causes her to lash out at any woman who makes her feel threatened – some girls can’t stand being nice to girls who they think are prettier than them & I see a lot of that in Kyle.

        1. I agree. I think Kyle secretly loves the fact that she has the perfect family and Kim wishes she had that. I know so many women who will not give any attractive woman a chance when she walks into the room. If she’s pretty..she must be a tramp lol.

  15. I agree with everyone’s comments. Taylor and Kyle are definitely NOT my favorite. I found it ironic that a couple of weeks ago Taylor was complaining to Lisa about not being accepted and then on WWHL she basically acted like a Jr. High girl when she said didn’t want to accept Brandi into their group because they were already too close or something like that. I bet Taylor is loving all the publicity she got from her husband’s suicide.

  16. A couple weeks ago–after Camille called Taylor out–I wondered at the timeline; she made reference to Taylor’s broken jaw. I thought then that we must be close in time to Russell’s DUH-DUH-DUH moment. But THIS episode also featured Kyle’s Cico de Mayo family dinner party. So let’s get this straight: Russell allegedly broke Taylor’s jaw TWICE?! Once in June and once sometime in the past? And chicklet has been working on behalf of battered women for SIX YEARS? AND she elected to have cameras in her life as that marriage devolved? This whole thing is messier by halves than I’d assumed. And skeevier.

  17. I’m so irritated with Jealous Kyle this season. It’s obvious that she’s jealous of Brandi. Brandi was nice enough to invite her to a party and all she did was laugh & make fun of Brandi. Talk about Mean Girls! She’s the meanest one of them all. And she’s enabling Taylor by not discussing her issues to her face. Kyle makes it clear in her interviews that she’s worried about Taylor and not understanding her anger towards Camille, but she doesn’t say so to Taylor’s face.

    Taylor is exhausting. How can anyone be her friend?

    Sorry, but I like that DD called out Taylor on her BS. She may have kept going when it wasn’t necessary, but Taylor doesn’t let anyone get a word in because she’s too busy playing victim and Woe As Me through everything.

  18. Tay Tay is cray cray. She is grotesque and I feel like I am watching a horror movie whenever she is on screen.

  19. Taylor and Adrienne look like Muppets.

    Also, having to do math to post a comment here is sooooo burdensome (and reminds me just stupid I am … thanks B!).

  20. Taylor’s behavior is horrible. She is blaming Camille for something that is blown up bigger than it should be. If she was afraid for her and her daughter if this info was public, then she shouldn’t have told anyone OR should have gone somewhere safe. Now she’s plugging a book.

    Brandi walking around with her ta ta’s on display wasn’t just being seen by the girls there, she knew she was on camera. Being someone that pokes thru all the time myself, I make sure to cover them as best I can. Especially if I wear white or know I’m going to have my picture taken.

  21. Taylor needs help, not wine (and food, lots of food girl). It is scary to see someone’s mental break on tv like that. Brandi’s dress was… okay… I do not care for the girl. Thus far on the show I have found her presence to be a grating addition. However her explanation of the dress (my parents were hippies etc) was something I somehow couldn’t fault her on. It was also her party at her (freaking amazing) house. If she chose to go naked that is her choice in her house. Furthermore I get the impression that it is okay for Kyle to talk smack but if Brandi mocked her… let’s see… stupid ass helicopter hair dance, Kyle would have a complete pink panty meltdown. Kyle maybe needs to spend a bit more time with Adrienne and learn how grown up, functioning, mature women act.

  22. I’d like to thank Taylor for providing the two funniest moments during her nervous breakdown. 1) the awesome FUCK YOU BRANDI (with no hesitation or pause in her voice, mind you) and 2) The Tiki Torch that was her Virginia Slim cigarette.

  23. Tayloe screeching:”What did I ever do to Camille? I have never done anything to Camille!!!!!!!”
    Flashback: NYC. Taylor stirs the pot, Camille comes downstairs distraught and paranoid because of guess who?.Taylor. Lisa hit the nail on the head.
    Taylor ruined what could have been a wonderful (albeit imperfect time for Camille and Kelsey) moment in the greatest city in the world.
    THAT’S what you did to Camille, Taylor! That’s at least one thing you did. I’m sure there are others we are not privy to.
    Take your Lithium and shut the f up!

  24. oh, and also…..was that Jennifer Gimenez from “Celebrity Rehab” at the Malibu party? Random. Was that her house?!

  25. I watched this ep again last night, and I must say it really was DD or Dede (whatevs) that really truly instigated that whole situation, and kept it going. And I’m pretty sure Brandi was drunk off her ass by the time Kyle and Taylor arrived.

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