18 replies on “VIDEO: Introducing NONONONO Cat”

  1. My cat does this as well — right before it pukes up its dinner or a GINORMOUS hairball. I’m guessing that fluffy cat has lots of hairballs.

    1. It’s the signal in my house that the cat is about to vomit and get him off the carpet!

  2. My cats chat away too and in the beginning it was cute, but when they just walk around the house chatting or bitching I can get annoying and yeah there is something wrong with that cat, I’ll go with a fur ball too

  3. Well I was going to say that is so cute, but bless it’s heart, if it is sick, well then, bless it’s heart and take it to the vet’s office.

  4. yeah. That is NOT a happy cat. Maybe she’s saying “no” to the owner who keeps fucking with her when she’s feeling poorly.

    1. My thought too. But I think that the cat is exposed to something that really scares it. Look at it’s ears, all flattened back & it is all puffed up to look bigger & the tail is all puffed up too. That poor cat! Filmed to get on UTUBE by it’s ahole owner.

  5. I thought hair ball too and the poor thing is not standing relaxed and happy. Please mr. nononono cat owner take your pet to the vet asap.

  6. My dog used to to that- specifically to my dad as he was always telling her no! Aww I miss my dog, RIP, but this video made me SMILE in remembering her. Hilarious.

  7. Yeah, that cat’s in major distress over something. As others have mentioned, those types of noises tend to mean he’s about to puke or is generally in significant pain, and the general posture indicates fear…and the people in the room are doing nothing except egging him on…disturbing.

  8. i don’t think that this the cat is that distressed, he/she is more may be concerned about getting pets. I do think that the cat is used to being a star, and may become a diva!

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