I still don’t know what Mad Fashion is about, but if it has anything to do with reenacting famous scenes from older Bravo shows, I’m all in. Check out the clip above where Project Runway alumnus Chris March and his pals perform a dramatization of Teresa Giudice’s legendary table flip from season one of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

5 replies on “Chris March Re-Enacts Seminal ‘Real Housewives’ Table Flipping Moment”

  1. Chris March makes me smile. Just typing his name makes me smile. Can’t wait for the show. I’ll make sure I pay attention, puhleeze!

  2. Chris March is my all time favorite Project Runway contestant.
    I love that he used to do Beach Blanket Babylon.
    I cannot wait to see what he does on Bravo – this man is so talented in so many ways.

  3. Been waiting for this show Chris is so funny, loved him on Project Runway can’t wait to see what he will create

  4. I agree with the crowd, I am highly anticipating this show. I love Chris March! Don’t even care what this show is about, he made a skirt of shoes-SOLD!

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