9 replies on “VIDEO: Cats vs. Dogs — Showdown of the Century!”

  1. Are you aware that is a puppy & he thinks he has just found a playmate/friend?
    Normal people pick the puppy up to protect him/her from the street cat that is just trying to protect his/her domain. Watch the way the puppy lays down & starts to roll over, after approaching the cat. He thinks they are going to tussel the way he did with his litter mates.

    This is really close to posting a cockfight or dogfight video.
    Any hint of humor is lost when you realize that we, humans are the ones intrusted to care for that cat and that dog.

    Sorry, to sound like I am on a PETA soapbox but it is very sad to watch that & hear the humans cackling in the background as the puppy runs away in pain.

    And the world just keeps devolving…………………..

  2. So puppies greeting playmates stand still, lock eye contact, and raise the hair on the ridge of their backs? I don’t think so.

    The puppy didn’t roll over in an invitation to play. He rolled over in instant submission when he realized that the cat was not the patsy he assumed he would be.

    Happy Friday. Sheesh.

  3. Haha, I’m not sure it’s our duty as humans to protect puppies from cats. I think it’s all part of nature’s learning curve.

    1. Part of the intellectual argument about whether or not photographers should intervene when photographing or documenting wild beasts in Africa………but I was taught that it absolutely is our responsibility if we are there to witness it. I don’t even want to get into the travesty and tragedy of the implications of the event having been staged for someone’s amusement.

      As for the the puppy growl & the cat hissing on approach, I agree the puppy’s lay down was submission but having spent so much time around shelter animals I still think he thought he was about to get some play time.

      And obviously, I care about the cat and the dog.

  4. Who cares about the cat and dog? I want to know what’s buried in the graved outlined with Marigolds in the yard.

    1. Maybe it’s a Pet Sematary for the dogs-gone-before who tried to have some “playtime” with this particular Puss.

  5. i had no problem with the video. It is nature. The cat won. Eat it, dog people. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!

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