It was the episode of the season! Last night was double eviction night on Big Brother, that glorious once-a-season event that has the houseguests scrambling to make sense of everything all at once while competing in a week’s worth of events in under and hour. It’s one of my favorite episodes of each season, which is why I was utterly LIVID that someone full on spoiled it for me two hours before it aired on the West Coast (more specifically, six minutes after it finished airing on the East Coast). Clearly I’m still very bitter. VERY. I know it was an accident, but like the people stuck in the house, I am very frequently not able to think rationally and without emotion at the height of Big Brother season.

Nevertheless, even having everything RUINED for me, it still was a very fun episode full of twists and turns, and in the end, we were left with a very peculiar final six. It’s going to be a fascinating run to the finale…

Let’s get to the good stuff. Daniele was evicted by a vote of three to two, which is surprising in and of itself (I thought it would be a unanimous vote). However, the big news was that Shelly had flipped on her old allies of Jeff and Jordan and was trying to broker a deal to get Daniele to stay in the house. First she tried to sway Adam, but the guy is an idiot, who despite having watched every season fastidiously, thought it was somehow in his best interest to blindly follow whatever Jeff and Jordan said and kick Dani out.

Ever the schemer, Shelly then expertly planted the seed of doubt in Rachel’s head, alerting her that Jeff had actually thrown a competition that he could have used to save Brendon. This pissed off Rachel, and she sought out Daniele with the novel idea of working with her to rout out Jeff and Jordan. It made a lot of sense, especially because Rachel knew that if Daniele stayed, the attention would remain on her and not Rachel.

However, in the end, Rachel voted to evict Daniele, probably in large part thanks to a bitter flame-out speech by Dani attacking people of sitting on their asses. I think it was mainly directed at Adam, who for the second time this season refused to join Dani’s side in a vote.

Well, Daniele went home, and then came the Head of Household competition. Kalia managed to pull out the win (but not before Porsche nearly gave the Chenbot a heart attack with her slow answers. Nothing like hearing Julie hone her inner school marm and yell, “I NEED AN ANSWER NOW!!!”) Anyway, Kalia nominated Rachel and Jeff, and then it was time for the Veto, which had players digging through ball pits to find two yellow clown shoes. Unfortunately for Jeff, while he was busy tossing his balls (lolz), he inadvertently threw one of his shoes out of the ball pit, and thus he lost the competition as he fruitlessly searched for something that was no longer there. Wah wahh.

Porsche managed to pull out the win for the first time all season, and of course she opted not to use the Veto, and in the resultant vote, Jordan and Adam voted to evict Rachel while Porsche and SHELLY voted to evict Jeff. You heard that right. Shelly actually voted to keep her nemesis and oust her ally. (You can imagine my rage at having had this all spoiled). In the end, Kalia had to break the tie (UGH. A TIE BREAKER. SPOILED!!!!!) and Jeff went home.

I now have a few rants. Feel free to skip ahead to the photos if you wish:

Rant 1. In Defense of Shelly

Yes, I am writing in defense of Shelly. A lot of people are hating on her for flipping sides and sending out beloved Jeff. But I will not hate her for that. In fact, I RESPECT her for that. For weeks we saw her riding Jeff and Jordan’s coattails, wondering why she ever thought she could make it to the final two with either one of them. It was about damn time she realized her strategy was flawed. She needed to flip, and for all the people who fault her for flipping, just remember how annoyed you were watching all those idiots on Survivor just let Boston Rob call all the shots. It sucks, but Shelly did the right thing, and I loved her methods of manipulating Rachel, even though it did ultimately fail.

Rant 2. Jeff Was Not Perfect

I love Jeff. I love Jordan. They are one of the best Reality TV duos ever. However, the fact remains that Jeff was not playing as good of a game as he thought. He was often brash and confrontational, and he employed this faulty logic that one must make “big moves” on Big Brother. I understand his frustration at watching someone like Adam or Lawon sit around and do nothing to get ahead, but in the end, Jeff should have realized that repeatedly antagonizing the likes of Kalia or Daniele would only bite him in the ass one day. In a game where power shifts from week to week (or minute to minute, as it did last night), the key is not to rule by intimidation but by manipulation. Jeff failed on that front. Love him, but his ouster was his own damn fault.

Rant 3. Ummm….

I forget my third rant. I definitely had it this morning in the shower. I’ll just go with this: enough of this whole notion that the quality of a player is how well they do in competitions. You know, so many Big Brother games are pure luck; so winning or losing them is something of a misleading indication of “gameplay.” So when Jeff told Julie that there were people in the house who were “sleeping” all season and then just woke up and won some competitions — almost as if they weren’t REAL competitors — I say get over it. Jeff wouldn’t complain if his Bears staged a fourth quarter comeback, and it’s not right to fault someone like Porsche for finally scoring late in the game either. Truth is that everyone is “playing” at all times, and those who are perceived to be floaters are just doing the natural thing — finding cover while the brash players hurl stones at each other. If you don’t like floaters, vote them out, but don’t act like their gameplay is inferior. Faulty logic! FAULTY LOGIC!!!

Okay, rants are concluded. Feel free to add yours in the comments! In the meantime, here’s the photocap:

“Good evening. I’m Julie Chen, and I’m a Creamsicle.”

“Hey, does anyone have a spare jock strap, BRO?”

“I’m sure all my constant badgering will never backfire in my face. Just as I’m sure Dumbledore could never be gay.”

“My dick is THIS thick, BRO.”

Adam: “Not to be the bearer of bad news or anything, Shelly, but I just farted, and now it’s gently wafting over to you.”

“Some call me a weak player, but I like to use the term ‘strategically challenged.'”


“Is everyone good out here? No one needs a refill? Can I get anything out of your way? Please note that I’m asking this purely out of curiosity, not because of any LUXURIOUS VIP waitress background I may have.”

“Hey, so, I just want to make a quick speech that will alienate the house and ruin any chances I have to convert someone who’s on the fence about keeping me in the house.”

“Porsche, just a reminder, the Diary Room is not the shower. Please put your clothes back on.”

Porsche: “Is that better?”
“Nope. You’re still naked.”

Shelly: “Yeah bro. FUCK YEAH, BRO!!!!!!!”

“Ain’t no giant pit of balls getting between me and MY clown shoes!”

Uhhh Jeff… behind you… [cringe]

“This is SUCH a Carrie Bradshaw moment. I couldn’t help but wonder: when it comes to men, is there something worth finding, or are we all just scrambling through a pit of balls?”

“I suppose now would be a bad time for me to sing some Celine?”

In a shocking turn of events, Porsche’s brain is inundated with messages from her home planet, Xlagon-5.

And the winner of the Lawon Award for Most Not Aware He’s Playing Big Brother goes to… Adam!

“I don’t like seeing Jeff on the block. When I was a kid, I played with blocks. Blocks make me think of Legos. And those make me think of Eggo Waffles. And waffles remind me of pancakes. And pancakes make me think of Mrs. Butterworth. And that makes me think of Aunt Jemima. I wonder if they’re friends. I bet if they were, they’d go dancing. That makes me think of Flashdance, and that makes me think of that song by Irene Cara. OH MY GOSH! I BET THERE’S A HURRICANE NAMED IRENE BEARING DOWN ON THE EAST COAST!”

Jeff: “Thanks for the betrayal, Sophia Petrillo.”

“Psssst… Shelly…. I don’t want to freak you out, but there are cameras ALL OVER THIS HOUSE.”

“It gets me mad that people who do nothing this whole game get to skate by while others like me who antagonize, bully, and condescend to others get voted out!”

What did you think about this episode?

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  1. Kaila has won 2 competitions, Porsche has won one. Rachel has won 2 competitions and Jordan has won one. The logic of newbies sitting around and doing nothing can’t be used for much longer!

    Adam is the worst.

    1. Actually, Porsche has won 2 competitions, 1 POV and she is now HOH. So that’s two HOHs for Kalia, 1 HOH & 1 POV for Porsche and 1 POV for Adam against Rachel and Jordan’s 3 total HOH wins.

      1. Ummm….that little fact isn’t to be known yet as the HOH comp wasn’t held or shown until after the show ended. Please no spoilers here!

  2. Shelly isn’t being hated on because she flipped on J&J. She’s being hated on because of the WAY she did it. She also needs to grow up and return the items she’s stolen from other HGs and understand that when she makes move like that people are going to be unhappy and you can’t force them to tell you “it’s okay”.

    1. No, some people hate her for lying

      but it’s mostly the Jeff and Jordan thing.

      When she lied to help them, people adored her. And she was playing just as ruthless near the beginning and middle of the game.

      but now that her actions ousted Big Jeff and crybaby Jordan people are attacking her and her family.

  3. First of all, I have to say..Danielle was not backdoored. She played veto, could have won, kept herself safe. That has been irritating me all week. Second, I understand Jordan being upset, not because Shelly didn’t follow in line behind her and Jeff, but because Jordan trusted her and feels stupid for doing so. I think Jordan is rational enough to understand this is a game, but to feel completely blindsided and betrayed is another story. Awesome recap, thanks for the laughs!!!

    1. So glad someone else understands this, lol! Jordan talked to Shelly (long talk in HOH), and told her that if she felt it would be better for her to go with the “other side” then that’s what she needed to do. She said this more than once. She also asked that Shelly just let them know if that’s what she decided. Still Shelly swore “No! I’m with you guys 110%!” Jordan has every right to be hurt. She’s defended Shelly, she gave up a phone call from home, and she kept Shelly safe, when they could’ve kept an ally that can actually win something. Jeff and Jordan both furthered Shelly’s game at their own undoing (yes, their choice), and Shelly is such a deceitful coward that she doesn’t even have the courtesy to give them the heads up Jordan asked for. News flash, Shelly, making a ‘big move’ doesn’t mean you have to be a dirty bitch about it. And then have the nerve to say, “it’s only a game”. Glad to know you’re teaching your daughter how to have class and integrity. You need to write A LOT of sentences…

      1. Agreed! I was somewhat of a Shelly fan before her flip. I could see her getting to the end with J/J. I understand her wanting/needing to flip to the other side, I get it game move etc. But at least do it with some class, be honest with your current alliance, considering all the work they put in to keep her around. They kept her over Brendon! I feel bad for Jordan, though I think her and Rach still have a shot. Question is how bad do they want it! At this point, I would like to see Rachael or Adam take it. What the hell lol

        1. Come on! Let’s be honest here people. This is not a game of honesty and integrity. I think Shelly did the right thing and if she had given J and J the heads up, it wouldn’t work. I am all for Shelly! She is doing what she has to do for her family. Her fam knew what kind of game she was playing so if they don’t want her daughter seeing it, they shouldn’t have her watch it.

      2. Well said Sunnygrl027. It was heart wrenching last night watching BBAD and Jordan crying about Shelly’s betrayal. I liked Shelly most of this time, but the way she turned on J & J, was loathsome. Too bad she didn’t ‘man-up’ and do it in a better way. She did need to get the couple broken up in order to advance her game, but no in the way she did it, bro!

      3. So I guess it was really classy when Jeff went back on his deal with Daniele and evicted her without giving a “heads up”. Jordan seemed pretty happy when she was on the winning side, but once they lose power the veterans seem to become the biggest sore losers.

        This is a game for 500k, I don’t understand why you all make such a big deal about being “classy”. Shelly’s not required to give everyone in the house a heads up on what she’s going to do. What would that do anyway? You think Jeff and Jordan would be more understanding if she told them she was going to evict Jeff? Shelly makes a smart game move by getting out the biggest competitor and you hate her for it. I’m proud of Shelly for finally taking a stand in this game, and I find it ridiculous that you guys want every person to be “classy” with their game moves. (Or maybe just every person besides Jeff and Jordan)

        1. Lying is expected in the BB house that’s not an issue. The difference between what Jeff did to Dani and what Shelly did to Jordan is Jeff and Dani weren’t friends. There never was nor would there be any trust in that relationship. Shelly however crawled up Jordan’s a$$ and pretended to be this genuine, caring friend since day 1. Jordan told her the whole time, you have to do what’s best for you and there won’t be any hard feelings if you need to switch she just didn’t want to be surprised. Jordan would have been upset, BUT understanding about her decision. The way Shelly did it was just plain evil, worse than anything Evil Dick or Dr Will ever did.

          1. My point is that if Shelly had handled it like Kalia did when she broke away from them, Jordan would have been hurt and upset, but she wouldn’t have felt so betrayed by someone she protected and trusted for so long, not to mention giving up something so dear and precious as a call from home, which is what kept Shelly from self destructing in that house.

        2. Umm No. Considering Jordan took the time out to speak with Shelly regarding “flipping” to the other side with Dani, Shelly could have at least…at the very least said you know maybe it’s a better move for me to keep Dani in the house. I wasn’t referring to Jeff in my previous post, considering it was a fast forward and I seriously doubt there would have been time for Shelly to mention to Jordan she was voting out Jeff and I really think that Jeff and Jordan have the sense to know that had already switched. It IS a game, and as I said before, I believe that Jordan understands its a game…but please tell me why Shelly is talking trash the last few days on Jordan, when all Jordan did was get upset for being blindsided and feel stupid? Want to be a backstabbing player in BB? Cool…totally cool game play all is fair…but don’t tell someone hey I’m here for you…you are a wonderful person for letting me speak to my hubby and daughter while you wore a unitard…and the very next week say eh..I changed my mind F your game I know i was with you but this is better for me without a heads up. Up until the Thursday show Shelly still told J/J she was with them, even having the chance to fill them in. I call BS play, and I’m hoping, that somehow she goes to jury this week.

        3. Jeff’s deal with Dani, was as good as Dani’s deal with Jeff. If it helped her she would have stuck with it, if it didn’t she would have said yeah we are good to his face and flipped. She wanted Brendon out that was her goal. Jeff did not backdoor Dani. She played for veto, and should have played her hardest to stay. She was not backdoored. A backdoor eviction, is when you replace the current nominee’s with someone who was unable to play for veto. Dani had a chance to be safe. She didn’t win. Jeff put Dani up there, because he knew that it would hurt him to keep him in the game. If it came down to it, Dani would have made the same move on Jeff if she had the chance. Considering she was all about Big Game Moves. blah

      4. So Shelley should have said, “By the way Jordan, I’m flipping sides so come after me.”?? Come on! This is Big Brother and they got played.

  4. This is a perfectly said article! More people need to have the same logic when it comes to the game. Too many people play the game personally and too many people WATCH the game too personally. Anyone who makes it to the end of Big Brother used the stradegy that worked BEST FOR THEM!!

  5. Wow – sorry the episode was spoiled b/c this was a doozy! I’d kill!!!

    Totally agree with all of your assessments. Its so nice to see people realize that the game is all about doing what is going to get you further in the game and then actually doing that. Shelly made the right move. Jeff seems to think everyone should be playing to help him and jordan get further. Thank goodness people woke up. And criticizing the gameplay of the people who made it further than you did is never a good look Jeff/Daniele. Pet peeve of mine in reality shows and so many do it!

    1. I don’t think it’s about J/J wanting other people to move them forward. It’s more a matter of reciprocity. J/J moved them forward, and expected the same when their backs were against the wall.

      1. I’m not sure when J/J did anything for anyone that didn’t benefit them as well but I definitely might not remember. I can’t picture them keeping anyone who’s a direct threat to them not making it to top two. Meanwhile that is exactly what they are for every other player in the house.

        1. At the same time, the other HGs want to bash J/J for not keeping anyone that’s a threat to them, yet that’s what they all had to consider, “who is a threat to my game?” J/J didn’t do anything that any other player hasn’t done, yet they are awful people for it. I don’t get it…

          1. J/J aren’t awful, but neither are the others for getting J/J out. Either that or they are all awful, take your pick!

      2. could u imagine ali telling foreman im going to do the rope a dope so u can tire out so i can win

  6. Ben, you know I love ya but…

    Personally, spoilers have absolutely no effect on me whatsoever. When I watched this ep, I pushed play, hit the “to the end” button and saw Jeff with Julie before even watching a minute of the show.

    I know I’m not alone in this – and I know YOU’RE not alone in your hatred of spoilers. They’ve never ever bothered me. If I miss a big game, I’ll get the score before watching it. (or not watching it if “my” team lost.)

    for people like me, hearing people get bent out of shape re: spoilers is just… odd. (Just as odd as it is for you to read what I just wrote about my way of thinking.)

    The only spoilage I care about is regarding my refrigerated foods with this Hurricane coming and losing power. /Diary Room fed line.

    1. lol, diary room fed line, classic!
      I don’t get the spoiler stuff either but some ppl really love that “santa when you’re five” feeling so I get that.

  7. Is it a good game move? Considering that Shelly has most likely lost the jury votes of Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan….I think not.

    1. Exactly, oh wait, I am sure Shelly thinks she can talk her way back into J/J’s good graces by explaining to Jordan what a brilliant BB move it was but she forgot she has to explain it to JORDAN, LOL!

    2. Yeah I would argue she probably didn’t have Brendon and Rachel anyway and at this stage in the game appearing like you can’t win with the jury will now become a great benefit and make people want to take you with them. Sticking with J/J till final 3 for Shelly meant she would have to KILL at the final competitions to even have a shot at picking one of them to lose against in the finals. All bad.

      1. The minute I saw that Shelly was flipping this late in the game, I knew she was only playing for second place, regardless who might sit with her in the F2. And you’re right, if she’d stayed with the original plan for her, J/J in F3, she may have wound up sitting with Jordan. That was her best shot at winning, as everyone points out that Jordan has already won once. She’s still gonna have to step up and win something in the end, if possible, or she doesn’t deserve it anyway.

    3. I agree totally. Bad move with no chance to win.. It was a -450K decision stabbing 2 more jury votes in the back after going over the top making it as personal as she possibly could deeply hurting the one person who has been the sweetest, nicest in the house. I think it was Dani’s manipulation of Shelly….she turns Shelly against her allies and takes Shelly to the final 2 and Dani wins. Shelly was just too stupid to realize it. She would have been better off sticking with her alliance bc Jeff was too big a target to last. Now she’s the most hated woman in America (in BB world) with no chance to win. Good job Shelly. Now keep talking smack and dig your hole deeper. Maybe we can vote for America’s least favorite and take your stipend away.

    4. Shelly’s only chance would be to end up in the final 2 against either Jordan or Rachel. In other words, getting her 4 jury votes from Daniele, Kalia, Adam, and Porsche.

      1. Bad moves all over this game:
        Danielle – Bad move trying to back door Jeff too early in the game
        Brendon & Rachel – Bad move telling Jeff & Jordan of Danielle’s plan
        Kahlia – Bad move putting Lawon against Rachel
        Jeff – Bad move telling Danielle she was safe, then putting her up as a replacement nominee
        Shelly – Bad move aligning yourself with Jeff and Jordan in the beginning and not keeping your options open
        Adam – Best position in the game now (and he’s done nothing)
        Porshe – Best position in the game now (she finally woke up)
        Vetran’s alliance – Bad move targeting yourselves instead of the newbies

        1. Shoot, I forgot one:

          ANY HOUSE GUEST – Bad move to call a house meeting EVER. You are not only exposing everyone’s cards in the game, you are exposing your own!

  8. You never fail to bring the laughs & this is right up there!
    “my dick is this thick” made me laugh so hard, still laughing while I type this, thank you, thank you, cannot stop laughing!
    & someone needs to invent a voice recorder for the shower so our best ideas don’t go down the drain.

  9. While I was watching last night, my husband walked into the room, looks at the tv and goes “Why is that dude wearing a bikini?” It took me a minute to realize he was talking about Shelly (this was during her convo with Adam by the pool). I replied, “no, that’s just Shelly” and he went “wow” and continued walking out of the room. It was very funny.

    I heard that Jordan went off on Shelly after the live show – that should be interesting to see on Sunday!

    1. I doubt you’ll see it. CBS isn’t going to show Jordan (or Jeff) in a bad light. They’re the “Golden Couple”. Now if it was Rachel, you betcha they’d show it.

    2. Yes. Jordan did go off on Shelly, but only after Shelly barged in the purple room yelling at Jordan for being upset and thinking that Shelly had been making fun of her in the DR. Shelly started that, not Jordan. Rachel actually pulled Jordan out of the room. Shelly should have just left her to her feelings. And don’t get me started on how Shelly is hiding Rachel’s stuffed animal!!

  10. Jeff & Danielle were the only exciting things in that whole damn house. The only reason that I watched it was because of them. Moonves is an idiot for voting out the 2 most interesting participants within 45 minutes…hope Julie Chen finds a new job after the ratings drop through the floor….way to go CBS

    1. don’t be a twit, the contestants are not obligated to keep the most interesting people in. Even if those interesting people are a whining child and a bigoted bully respectively.

    2. Gorby: I liked Dani alot too, I wish she would have stayed in the house, I was rooting for her.

  11. i agree with your defense of shelly. as much as i hate her lying, i do respect the way she’s played this game (aka she’s actually playing it!). not many people would have gotten away with her shenanigans. and dani didn’t manipulate her, if i remember correctly from the feeds, shelly came to dani and initiated the conversation. as for Jordan, i can understand why she would be upset, but her reaction after Porsche won the HOH was totally uncalled for (you will soon see what i’m talking about). Jordan needs to stop crying and being a brat, she’s not even on the block yet! The fact that her and Rachel are saying they just want to go to jury makes me furious; they should put people in the game that actually want to win!

    1. C’mon Jean. Everyone says that – they just had someone voted out! Check the feeds … Fifteen minutes later they are strategizing about playing hard for comp and that they should take Rachel out cause Jordan has a better shot of staying in the house if she’s on the block. But it makes sense if you are gonna call the most decent, well behaved person with integrity a brat that you would defend that slimy backstabbing liar Shel-monster.

  12. leatherface sucks.
    she will not get a single vote unless she is sitting next to an empty chair.


  13. Sunny girl; you are so correct on so many levels. Jeff and jordan played upfront the whole time but “Bitch Floater” Shelly has not done one dam thing but lie to both sides. I actually thought it rocked when Bitch Floater jumped in Jordans face….Obviously she did not watch BB-11 when Jordan went after Russell. I guess bitch floater figured out that LSU Mike The Tiger was on the lose….Just to bad jordan did not bloddy deck the bitch….Kalia is a dam fool and well Porsche: hell i shit her out today. Just remember 4 veterans will pick the winner…..

  14. I dont think jordan ever cared about winning, she wanted jeff to win, as far as shelly goes, lost all respect for her, she is a total loser to me, and kalia kissing dani’s picture REALLY
    your good friend plotted all week to oust you, along with your 2 new friends, my butt is getting bigger each week, and let me drop janelles name for the 100th time, and the she-devil herself, once jordan & rachel go, im out, bunch of boring people left

  15. I am a diehard J/J fan. I thought Shelly’s flip was a great game move, however I will hate her forever for doing that to Jordan after she gave her the phone call. When the feeds came back last night, Shelly was actually in Jordan’s face yelling at her while she was balling over Jeff. It was so wrong and unforgivable. I hope they show it on CBS. I hate hate hate Shelly & this show is dead to me after 5 straight seasons of dedicated watching. Yes, I’m THAT mad at Shelly. If there wasn’t the phone call, I’d be pissed but I’d deal with it. Ben – well done on your rants. I agree with all your points. Very well put and explained. Another kick ass photocap.

    1. I doubt you’ll see it. CBS isn’t going to show Jordan (or Jeff) in a bad light. They’re the “Golden Couple”. Now if it was Rachel, you betcha they’d show it. Now they MAY show the Shelly part, but I doubt you’ll see Jordan yelling back with her F bombs and calling the others “whores”, etc

  16. So Shelly is obligate to give J/J a heads up when she decides to switch sides, but J/J don’t have to let Dani in on the fact that they are planning on backdooring her. I saw Jeff sit and tell Dani over and over she was safe with them. And danged if he didn’t throw her right under the bus that he helped Porsche get off of. I didn’t see him go to Brendon and Rachel and say hey I’m gonna throw the veto so Dani can put Brendon up. But hey he’s “Big Jeff” and he don’t have to splain nothing to nobody.
    I think Jeff’s true character came out in this season and a lot of people are seeing a man who’s not so cool after all. I also think a good many of fans are sick of Jordan’s “I’m too dumb to be anything but sweet, so you have give me whatever I want…” ruse. I don’t know how Rachel can even look Jordan in the eyes knowing that she and Jeff deliberately let Brendon be put up.
    On a brighter note I do love the photo caps…especially the one of Jeff plowing away looking for the shoe he’s already thrown out. So freaking funny.

    1. Brenchel threw j/j under the bus every chance they got to save their own butts, j/j knew it and they never did that to Shelly. They kept her in the game because they thought she was a TRUE alliance. I love how you say Jeff backdoored Dani and Dani “put Brendon up.” The truth is Dani backdoored Brendon and Jeff put Dani up. I’m tired of hearing Dani was B’d SHE GOT TO PLAY IN THE VETO COMP!!!!! Brendon didn’t get that chance, he was ACTUALLY backdoored!!

  17. Rock, if she’s a floater, she can’t be playing both sides. So which is she? A floater, or a player. I’m voting for player and a darn good one. She got egomaniac Jeff out, that’s quite and accomplishment.
    As for Jordan being all sad about being betrayed well maybe now she knows how Danielle and Brendon felt when the people they thought were keeping them safe were actually just waiting for a bus to come along to kick them under. What goes around comes around. J/J gt just what they deserved. As will they all eventually. Except maybe Adam. The lamest player to ever play the game. He’ll probably end up winning.

  18. I love that everyone forgets that this is a game. Just like survivor integrity gets thrown out the window. If you don’t lie (everyone in the house has including Dani) you more than likely will not win. Everyone acts like a child when they are out of power in the house.

  19. I can’t believe how many people are hateing on Shelly. Jeff and Jordan had no intention of takeing her to the final three, They wanted Racheal in the final 3 with them. Shelly just wised up and made the move before they fliped on her. It’s the same thing big Jeff did to Russell in his previous season.

    Shelly has played an incredible game behind the scenes unfortunately great game play rarely gets rewarded.

  20. If you don’t care about being spoiled, great. But I think people who don’t understand why being spoiled would bother others have zero sense of drama, suspense, and overall zest for life. Maybe their hearts aren’t even beating.

    I watch BB online, every episode. Sometimes, if I want to be spoiled, I’ll go to Jokers Updates in between the check who won comps. But I always stay unspoiled for eviction nights. For this double eviction, I didn’t even click on Google News in case some gossip rag’s link about the evictions showed up. And so I feel bad that you were spoiled because it really was exciting. However….things didn’t go the way I wanted them to at all (can’t stand Kalia and Porsche) so if I had been spoiled of this BAD news, I might not have minded as much.

  21. Your depiction of Jeff is a little off, showing that you must only watch the CBS edited shows and not the feeds. That goes for Shelly, too. She is a horrible person and playing all sides of the alliances isn’t good game play in my book.
    I’m curious as to how the outcome was spoiled for you. Was it posted on facebook or something? I’d never read or look at something that could spoil the result for me, just stay away until the show aired for your time zone.
    I’m so glad Dani is gone, and wait until Kalia sees how she trashed her behind her back while campaigning to stay. Yeah, besties!

  22. I don’t care for Shelley but she did the right thing. Jeff would not have taken her to final 3 and if he did, would he take her to final 3 over Jordan? I think not. Jeff and Jordan are bullies. Much worse than brenchal. Jordan needs a good pimp slap!! She got by talking crap to Russell because somewhere under all those muslea (umh) he had respect/morals. She’ll get it one day!! And why all the dang tears. They got what they were dishing out. Freaking get over it….. Brenchal

  23. Dani was not originally nominated. Played for veto and didn’t win. Jeff saved Porsche and put Dani up. If that’s not BD I don’t know what is!!! Hurrah for the newbies! Vets, if you want to call them that, came in thinking they had this in the bag. Had kalia and lawon not been so stupid, the vets might have been gone sooner…

    1. to be backdoored it would mean that you didn’t get a chance to play for veto…being denied an opportunity to save yourself.

    2. Dani was not backdoored! You said it yourself, she “played for veto and didn’t win.” Brendon was backdoored, not nominated, didn’t play veto, was put up as replacement and sent home.

  24. Wow. So much great game talk here.

    I think the ChenBot was planning to host a BBQ after the show. Just my inconsequential and completely useless input.

  25. people keeping their word in BB, ain’t gonna happen… remember when Kaila was trumpeting around that she made a deal with Jordan never to put each other up. Hmmm….

  26. I have been reading and enjoying your photocap posts for years now and today you have totally shocked me. Have we been watching the same show? Shelly chose the two most emotional, honest players…brought to them the persona of an HONEST (I teach my daughter not to lie…we write sentences as punishment for lying); EARNEST (I’m not even concerned about the money, I’m just here to push YOU TWO to the end; MOTHERLY (Jordan gave me her most precious treasure the phone call home so I could call my famliy ~ and when Jeff said he was voting to keep her over Brenden ‘that’s my baby boy’) and, SOLID (I’m ON the same page Jeff…if ya’ll change the page, let me know, but I go around and get this info like a trojan horse, filter it, and bring it back to you two) player and alliance member. She climbed right up in their game, their life in the house, their alliance and without a thought viciously tore into THAT relationship, alliance, understanding, trust, and anything else held vaguely holy in that house. The Shelly that came out in that house on Tuesday through now is NOTHING even REMOTELY like the woman who has played the game until now. This was beyond disturbing behavior…without preamble…without cause…without conscience. They protected her, voted for her, considered her, cared for her, included her, accepted her for 5 or 6 weeks, SOLID…suddenly over Monday night she morphed into some feral deceitful witch and totally blindsided them. She played a PERSONAL game with them, because they are PERSONAL players. In my opinion, she’s a sociopath. Possibly you need to watch Tuesday through last night again, with special attention paid to the 10 minutes after the feeds came back after the live show. She got totally up in Jordan’s face, over her on the bed where she was crying, and screamed at her about HER PAIN! The woman is psycho. Jordan cared more about what Shelley’s little girl than Shelley did. This wasn’t game play, this was an assassination. Thought out, plotted, and executed. Today she’s done nothing but talk horribly about those two girls..just as she has all week. What she did went way past anything considered ‘game-play’. It’s disgusting.

    1. So it’s perfectly okay for Jeff and Jordan to evict Shelly if they did get to Final 3 just because Shelly said it was? No. You’re misunderstanding the game. Shelly was in an alliance with them, yes, but realized she could never win as the numbers dwindled if they stayed around. She wants to win too, getting rid of Jeff was a smart move, as much as it may have hurt poor itty bitty Jordan’s feelings. She can say all she wants about morality, honesty, we all know she lies, why should her backstabbing JJ be a surprise? Heck, she wasn’t even number 3, she was at most number 4, behind Adam. Don’t let your love for JJ blind good strategical moves.

      1. Gotta agree, I’m sorry Jordan and Jeff feel personally betrayed and hurt but they’ve played the game before and this is what they signed up for. To play a game with people that might be willing to do ANYTHING to win. Rachel and Brendon are the same way but I guess they are easier to stomach for J/J b/c they don’t pretend that they aren’t (which I’d argue is much worse gameplay, hence them being targets right away). Shelly’s no mastermind big bro player but she did make what she believed was the best move for her game at the expense of a friendship with J/J.

        1. At the most, she only made a lateral move from 4th place in one alliance == one that had been true to her thus far, to 4th place (or even 5th) in another alliance that would eat their own young for the $500K. I do believe, however, she fits in the 2nd alliance much better, temperament-wise, but it was a STUPID, USELESS game move which she now regrets tremendously. She lost her mind for 3 or 4 days in there and it’s cost her EVERYTHING. She’ll never win..she won’t even place or show. Her family’s been embarrassed, her reputation sullied, and her game killed. Dumb dumb dumb!

  27. Rachel commented about Porsche knowing she was a waitress 🙁 So not sure that joke still works.

  28. I have to say I am a little disappointed in you B. I have no problems with the moves or players you support. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I also completely understand your anger at having the show spoiled for you – I flipped out when it happened to me last year.
    I do not, however, like that you allowed your anger to write this photocap. I come here because you are funny, witty, and charming and quite spot on in your player analysis. But this photocap? Go back and read it. It is so angry and it shows even in your photo captions. I didn’t laugh once this time and that shows where your head was.

    1. like. You are a classy woman PBD. I couldn’t comment bc I didn’t know what to say, and then you said it for me.

    2. I love B-side Blog a lot. You make my day. I love your messy kitchen and stove.I love your experiments and I love when you rant, although you rarely ever rant. It is ok with me if you do… so rant away…. I just wanted to say something in case you were feelin a little down about BB13.

  29. So sad that Jeff is gone 🙁 Felt so bad for Jordan….she was soooo sad 🙁 But so excited that there are 70 some-odd comments here! Yaaay for Ben 🙂

  30. One rant you could add. I hate how Danielle comments (or commented) constantly how Shelley and Adam were following Jeff and were treating him like a leader and doing what he wanted. However, Porsche and Kahlia are (or were) doing the same with Danielle. Even after Porsche used the veto she said “that was what Danielle would want”.

    1. finally someone said that!!!!! Daniele was mad that Adam was playing the game for Jeff to win but it was OK when Kahlia and Porshe were going to help you win the game!!!!
      As for Shelly I can’t stand when she says this is for my FAMILY. Everyone else is playing for their family as well. And from where I am sitting it doesn’t look like she is hurting for any money from the scenes of when Shelly got the phone call from (who was that gave her the phone call oh that’s right Jordan). They are all there to play a game for the money and no one needs it any more than the next or deserves it more. So because she has a family it’s OK for her to make a big move and go against her alliance. In the beginning i was rooting for.

  31. TMZ is reporting that Shelly’s family are getting threats over the Jeff eviction. They also said that her company is getting complaints that she should be fired for voting Jeff out. Peeps is crazy!

  32. Ehhhh I dunno. At first I didn’t mind that Shelly immediatley picked a side (Vets) rather than the newb side early on. OK Cool, do what you gotta do for yourself. Early on, the vets had the power, if anything only for their sheer knowledge and experience of having played the game before….so siding with them was a logical choice for her I guess. Same with Adam.
    But the very second power in the house started to shift towards the newbs, Shelly jumped ship and went with them. For (what I can tell) for really no good reason at all. So Rachel lied about her. Huh? So what. Adam sucks but AT LEAST he is going down with the ship and being loyal. And who knows, power will probably shift again, and I would be very interested to see what Shelly does.

    As far as Jeff, I do agree that his attitude was pretty annoying and somewhat condescending towards those who didn’t kiss his ass, or at least be on his side (mainly Dominic). I loved, loved J & J version 1.0 in their first season of Big Bro. LOVED. But now, ehhh. I am glad they got broken up, not so much because of them personally, but for the whole “Vets vs Newbies” thing going on this whole season. Almost immediatley I grew tired of the Vets vs Newbs thing (twist fail) and I would have much, much rather seen 12 new faces, rather than Vets return. Total fail once again by CBS.

    In my opinion, Kahlia is playing the best game. I didn’t think she could ever recover from the worst BB play in history (the Luwan thing) She said herself on BB After Dark that she, or someone she has been aligned with has been in power for 5 solid weeks. Not bad

  33. I’m new to this little blog…and I love it! Too funny. But I don’t understand these long rants under Jordan all the time? Did I miss something? LOL

    Like this:
    “I don’t like seeing Jeff on the block. When I was a kid, I played with blocks. Blocks make me think of Legos. And those make me think of Eggo Waffles. And waffles remind me of pancakes. And pancakes make me think of Mrs. Butterworth. And that makes me think of Aunt Jemima. I wonder if they’re friends. I bet if they were, they’d go dancing. That makes me think of Flashdance, and that makes me think of that song by Irene Cara. OH MY GOSH! I BET THERE’S A HURRICANE NAMED IRENE BEARING DOWN ON THE EAST COAST!”

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