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  1. so- did Mervin die from old age? Cute video, but I need further explanation.

  2. Love the duck, how did he die? and I’m glad that part wasn’t filmed

    Maybe you should try a bunny instead of a duck, they are a little easier to raise, and they use a litter box and play with toys, cute to watch too!!!

  3. From comments below the video it seems a raccoon killed it.

    Ducks are damn tasty, if they didn’t make such a mess I’d consider getting one myself… (Not to mention rabbit fricassee, yummy! Why not make that a future Adventure in Domesticity?)

  4. We had ducks when I was growing up but it never occured to me to look at them like pets.

    I feel I missed an opportunity.

    I suppose any (non-lethal) critter can become a pet if enough love and patience is put into the relationship.

    Kudos to Mervin and his obviously sweet and caring owner and thanks for sharing!

  5. It’s obvious Mervin “implanted” on her owner and thought he was his mother….. I’ve read about how they will follow you if you are the care giver in the first early months but have never seen that good of an example that wasn’t a movie made in hollywood..

    Scene on the lawn with him running back and forth was great and made my morning.
    Thanks B!

  6. Oh my goodness! I have watched your video of Mervin several times now and have just fallen in love with that little guy!!!!! I can only imagine your pain when he passed! I also LOVE ducks! I have several as I have a big pond just out my back door. They hatch new babies every summer and they usually fly off eventually. But I have the original Mama and Daddy that make their nest here every summer and let me feed the babies. We play together all summer long. Then I have 3 others that I just adore. Dumb, Dumber and Midge. They are my main ones. Precious, precious animals. People just can’t even imagine how attached you get to these creatures! Thank you for sharing your video with us! Have a great day!

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