3 replies on “Ten Celebrities Who Should Be On ‘Celebrity Rehab’”

  1. The Governator (AHHHNOLD) might be a good one for Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Sex Rehab.

    Not many people heard what KIM said to Kyle in the limo, but I did. As Kyle was attacking her, Kim pointed her finger at Kyle and said “And who sits around all day and does nothing but drink?” Or something like that..please I wish someone would just acknowledge that it was said, even though it was pretty much drowned out by Kyle’s loud screaming and accusing voice. I think that THAT set Kyle off more than the accusation that Kyle stole Kim’s house. Think they both have drinking problems is what I’m getting at.

    You know that Eric Roberts was in for being a Maraholic. Maybe Woody Harrellson and Willie Nelson should be in there also. Personally, I didn’t feel Eric Roberts belonged there. It seemed like he needed anger management or something. I love his acting and his maraholic-ism seems to have never gotten in the way of his superlative roles.

  2. Am I the only person who thinks Samantha Ronson is the highest semi-famous person who is never called out on being high? I’ve tried to research online to see if she’s sick, but can’t find anything (so I’ll feel like an a-hole when she has some weird genetic disease). Everytime I see a picture of her, I want to send her to rehab.

    Anyway, she’d be pretty badass spinning records for the show! (Or whatever it is DJ folk do to make music.)

    But she doesn’t trump anyone on your list. I just had to say it!

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