For those who don’t remember Matt (a.k.a. Matty) from season nine of Big Brother, he’s the guy with the dark hair who Natalie (big boobs, kooky) was obsessed with. He was an affable jock, and I always liked him, but things went sour for Matty not too long ago. He wound up enmeshed in a drug trafficking scheme with that season’s winner, Adam, and now he’s serving three years in a Federal prison, which I imagine is a tad more difficult than a summer on a CBS backlot.

Anyway, the fallen reality star is now blogging about his experiences, and it’s a pretty interesting read. Of course, I didn’t read any of it — I merely took in what Andy Dehnart at Reality Blurred curated for his site. It’s still pretty fascinating.

Check out Matty’s descent here:

Reality Blurred: Blogging from prison, Matty explains “how I went from Big Brother to the Big House”

7 replies on “Matt from ‘Big Brother 9’ Blogs From Jail”

  1. Affable? My recollection is that he treated Natalie like shit, acting like he was in love with her to her face (and getting BJs in the process), then turning around mocking her mercilessly to the camera.

    1. And as I recall B and I debated over who was worse – Matt or James – with B taking Matt’s side. HA.


    2. Jennifer- That’s about how all of my dating experiences are. Is that not normal?

  2. Adam was the one who supposedly worked for an Autism foundation but called people with Autism retards. He’s a real winner… So not sorry he’s in jail.

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