It’s Big Brother season!! First we met the House Guests, and now we have a house tour, courtesy of the inimitable, wonderful, and khaki-tastic Julie Chen, who appears looser and funnier than ever before. It’s like she’s a newer, more dangerous model of her Chenbot self. The T-1000 to the original Terminator. Dare I say that 2011 is the year of the C-1000?

Nevertheless, check out the video above and get excited for BIIIIIIG BROTHER!!!!

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5 replies on “Julie Chen Gives Tour of the New House!”

  1. Well, I am not sure that this house thrills me. I like the brick and surf boards in the kitchen… but Meh. it’s the same BB house. I have watched a few UK BB seasons and they have different things each season and always have a jail in the back yard for fools who break the rules. The best rule they have- you cannot discuss the game with others. No preplanning who will get kicked out.

    And the all star couples coming back. Well it won’t be Adam or Matty now will it. I am not sure it is fair to the new people when CBS plays this script. Look who won Survivor after his 54 trys.

  2. I’m soooo excited about Big Brother! I am reading this thread and the other bb thread (with the houseguests) and everyone’s responses are soooo negative! Everyone is complaining! Be happy it’s BB!! There are things I don’t like either, but it doesn’t matter I still get obsessed with it 🙂

  3. Soupy, I’m sure I will get sucked in once it starts airing, but I feel like CBS treats its loyal viewers like lemmings. They always promise new and exciting things, but then it’s the same old house with a new paint job and “exciting new” furniture… Same old demographics in the house. Or should I say young since there is only one older person in the house. Don’t they remember honking Jerry? He was a real character and he was an older guy. Renny was awesome too. There are always “new twists” that seem like wow, this could get good and then it’s a big disappointment. They build up these huge buildings of hope that this season will be the best ever, but the buildings turn out to be houses of cards. Now the only thing I look forward to are the live shows and hopefully catching a sighting of people I “know” like B or flipit or others, or Chenbot doing her best Chenbot impressions.

  4. Well said, chick110! But I know I’ll get hooked right off.
    At least Ben’s recaps are worth looking forward to.
    The chat rooms are working and the speculations about who will be coming back borders on the ridiculous.
    I want new people to diss about and hate!

  5. I guess you guys are right….but it seems everywhere that talks about BB…on message boards and such…people are so negative. It’s quite funny cuz normally I’m rather negative…but I get soooo excited for BB and learn to love it—force myself to love it 🙂 I just hope that Rachel and Brandon don’t come back….I’m not sure I could stand watching her for another summer! There’s my negativity…I contributed 😛
    Honking Jerry…I think I need to watch that video Ben made with Jerry and Renny with the socks and the honking…!!!

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