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We had yet another super fun episode of Housewife Hoedown today, thanks mainly to the wonderful material provided by the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion. We spent the bulk of the time talking about that, but we also tended to our ladies of the Tri-State Area, specifically New York City and New Jersey. Check out today’s episode up above and remember to subscribe on iTunes here.

3 replies on “HOUSEWIFE HOEDOWN, Episode 24: OC Reunion, Morocco, and The Gorgas”

  1. Hey guys! Great video. i agree with just about everything that was said. Tamra is vile, Vicki is a hot mess for going after her daughter and Luann is the best person to pick a fight with even though Alex is the worst person to do it. Oh, and I love Kelly! She was hilarious this episode. The thing about Kelly is that she’s just not articulate (but when you’re a model you seldom have to be.) But I will come to her defense in the “you are making it into a casino” statement. We all know Kelly is multilingual. In this instance, she was using the Italian meaning of ‘casino’ which means a racket or a row. So she was calling Alex out for creating chaos. But since we’ve written Kelly off as a dum-dum it was easy to see her as a loopy idiot rather than a person who forgets what language she is arguing in.

    Oh, and Matt, you crack me up. I’d marry you so we could lay platonically under the duvet and get snarkalicious every night. Isn’t that your idea of a good time? I hope so.. 🙂

  2. Great Hoedown! The “ladies” gave you a lot to work with. From what I read about Vicki’s new man, she wrote that letter to the court pleading with them to not put him in jail before she filed for divorce from Donn. So it appears that she had a side thing going with this guy. That’s probably what Breanna is upset with her about. Vicki and Tamra are both sanctimonious heifers. They can dish it out but definitely can’t take it.

    RHONY was awesome last week! I watched that crap twice, which I never do with this franchise. Kelly was pure gold (in fact, satchels of it!)

  3. I love your show and I never miss an episode, but you need to fix the audio when you are showing the clips from the Bravo website. It is very difficult to hear your comments because the clip has a higher volume than your voices. Please, please try fix the audio. And bring back Better or Worse 🙂

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