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Anyone who’s a Real Housewives fan had their DVRs full of crazy, petty drama this past week, and so who better to dissect it all than my friends Matt Whitfield and Sita Young. They joined me on today’s broadcast of Housewife Hoedown, and while we had no phone calls, it may have been for the best because we could not stop talking.

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3 replies on “HOUSEWIFE HOEDOWN, Episode 23: Talking About Tamra vs. Jeana, Jill vs. Ramona, Teresa vs. Melissa”

  1. Sita Young is awesome. Finally finished the podcast in my car this morning. Don’t get me wrong I like the guy that is usually there but she was great too. 🙂 Unfortunately, his name escapes me.

  2. Thanks Ben for trotting out the Teresa Psycho Sprinkle photo (again)…classic!

    Loved the Housewife Hoedown Trifecta Broadcast…love this site!

  3. why’d you bring Sita back? oh i kid, i kid.

    anyways, as for Chris and Albie’s friend, he has to be gay. Chris and Albie are getting their own spinoff about moving out of Caroline’s house and getting their own place. I suspect Greg (I believe is his name) will probably be part of this show, as the Bravo producers try to add interesting characters and interesting dynamic.

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