Some idiot girl decided to text in an Austin, TX movie theater last week, and when the ushers kicked her out, she left the above nasty voicemail. Thankfully, the good people at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas have realized the best way to deal with belligerent, hideous patrons is to publicly humiliate them. That’s why, even though this video is a week old, I’m posting it anyway to help spread the word that people who talk and TEXT in movie theaters are the worst. I don’t care if your phone is on silent; seeing that bright display light up is crazy distracting. So stop texting, people.

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  1. I have a new ‘zero tolerance policy’ of my own when it comes to texting during a movie. I have no problem asking someone (politely) to put their phone away. I didn’t pay all that money to watch your screen light up every 2 minutes!

  2. People are so oblivious to their own self-NOT-importance. She claimed to be using the phone to find her seat in the dark theater. But theater management said that they had asked her a FEW times to stop using her phone in the theater. Maybe she was really lost and couldn’t find her seat. I mean, if she doesn’t even know that she lives in the United instead of the Magnited States, she may well have been lost. Even more than the theater people could help her. Maybe they were doing her a service by getting her out of the darkened theater so she could find the help that she so desperately needs. Or at least get her back to her own country and get her the hell out of ours.

  3. I’m an Austin resident and Alamo frequenter, and I must say that this place is the best when it comes to its attitude toward obnoxious movie-goers. Their snarky, borderline-Nazi, kick-your-ass-out policy is one of their best qualities…that, and their shameless exploitation of the grammar-challenged.

    1. I agree. I too am an Austinite and an Alamo frequenter. Everything about This theater is great. Getting there early having a beer or a glass of wine while watching the crazy and always entertaining previews is a must, and their no tolerance for disrespectful guests makes me stand up and cheer. Hooray for Alamo Drafthouse!

  4. That actually made me clap. Bravo. Corporations should get more snarky – sometimes the customer is WRONG in the Magnited States of America.

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