There’s not much time before this week’s episode of Real Housewives of NYC airs; so rather than bore you all with an extensive recap of last week’s episode, let’s just get into the fun of it right now. Photocap after the jump (and if you want further analysis, check out Housewife Hoedown!).

Cindy: “Would you look at my teeth? I broke ’em on a pistachio.”
“I’m sorry, but what does this have to do with my lunch?”

Sonja: “You carry your teeth in your bag? That’s crazy. The only thing crazier would be if you dragged me all the way down here to TriBeCa and then bailed on lunch, but you wouldn’t do THAT, would you?”

“You’re bailing on lunch? What is this? QUOGUE??”

“Darling, look at Jacques. Isn’t he adorable?”
Victoria: “Yeah, that’s great mom. Hey, I was thinking maybe we could have some mother-daughter time?”
“Oh, is it Taco night again already? Toodles!! Jacques let’s GO.”

LuAnn: “Who wants a cocktail?”
Sonja: “It better taste good.”
LuAnn: “Darling, if it tasted bad, I think we’d have to call it a QUOGUE-tail!”
LuAnn-Sonja: “Hahhahahahahaha.”

Sonja: “You know, I adore you, but honest to goodness, I have not received an invite from you. Maybe it wound up in the spam filter with all the other emails I get from you.”
Cindy: “That’s insulting.”
“What a terrible faux-pas by me! I meant to say my QUOGUE filter.”
LuAnn-Sonja: “Hahahahahahahahahahaa.”

LuAnn: “Did you hear they got Bin Laden?”
Sonja: “Where was he hiding? QUOGUE?”
Cindy: “See, that makes no sense.”
LuAnn: “Sure it does. Because no one EVER would go to QUOGUE.”
LuAnn-Sonja: “Hahahahahahahahahahaha.”
LuAnn: “Except you, darling.”

Sonja: “Okay, here’s the real problem with Quogue. Are you ready?”
“Yeah, yeah, sure I’m ready.”
“The problem with Quogue is that… it’s QUOGUE.”
LuAnn-Sonja: “Hahahahahahhahaaha!!”

“Darling, I’m sure Quogue is lovely. You know, I love to slum it too sometimes.”
Sonja: “Slumming? What’s that?”
LuAnn: “It’s when you go to someplace trashy for the fun of it.”
Sonja: “OH. I call that QUOGUING.”
LuAnn-Sonja: “Hahahahahahahhaha.”

Ramona: “Somebody get me a Pinto Grigio!!!”
LuAnn: “I’m not sure I have any.”
Ramona: “What is this? QUOGUE???”

“Darling, please don’t be indiscreet.”
Ramona: “What? Like a Quogue-ie?”

Kelly: “Okay, Cindy? Right now? What you’re saying? It’s scary to me. Like, what do you mean there are satchels of silver too?”

“Oh darling, what a cute dog. You’ll never be indiscreet like Ramona, will you? WILL YOU? That’s a good dog! That’s a good dog!!”

LuAnn: “Such a beautiful dog!!!”
Sonja: “WHAT???”
“Your dog. He’s beautiful.”
“Ohhhhh! I thought you said ‘such a beautiful QUOGUE.’ I thought, when did THAT happen? Hahahahahaha.”

Ramona: “Okay, I’m coming to QUOGUE. What more do you want from me? A kidney? Heck, that would be better than going to QUOGUE!!!”

Sonja: “You have the worst manners. Out of my beach!!”

“You’re gonna come into my party and ask for wine? It’s like… I don’t know.”

“You’re gonna insult my party and then insult my brother? It’s like…. whatever.”

“Is this the way Ramona always acts? I mean… whatever. Man, I’m really NAILING these jokes!”

“I don’t like this horse. This isn’t riding to me. I’m sorry, it’s not riding. You know what it is? It’s déclassé. Sorry. That’s what it is. Very déclassé.”

Ramona: “So you don’t want to play?”
“I don’t even understand your game, Ramona.”
“It’s simple. We tear apart this hay bale and find the bottle of Pinot Grigio hidden inside!”

“Howie, I really want to get something off my chest.”
“Not now, Ramona. I’m in front of my father.”
“So? He’s not a child. In fact, he’s older than all of us.”
“Please, Ramona. I’m in front of my father.”
“I just want to talk about Jeff.”
Carol: “NOT HIS NAME!”
“What’s wrong if I say his name?”
“Howie, you didn’t tell me your sister was married to Jeff.”
Howie: “She’s my girlfriend.”
Ramona: “You’re dating your sister?”
Howie: “I’m dating Carol.”
“Where’s Carol?”
Carol: “I’m right here!”
“Wait, you’re not Cindy? I need some Pinot.”

Ramona: “I just get very emotional, and Jeff–“
Cindy: “SHHHH!!!!!”
“I’m sorry. I have to say his name. I’m very emotional. He was a dear friend to me. I loved him so very much!”
Cindy: “Yeah… so… do you hate dip as much as I do?”

What did you think about last week’s episode?

14 replies on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NYC PHOTOCAP: Je Ne Sais Quogue”

    1. Because she’s got lots of big teeth. She probably is also a mouth breather.

    2. With her sunglasses on in these photos she looks like a brunette version of Vicki Gunvalson

  1. Ahhh, I really wanted a photo of Sonja on her ass with an appropriate b-side bon mot.


  2. Two words I hope never to read in this blog again. QUOGUE and Declasse. Seriously, enough already.

    1. when something is declasse he has to tell us! it’s what ramona would want : )

  3. Does Cindy eat pistachios by cracking the shells with her teeth like sunflower seeds? That seems about right…

  4. Just noticed Cindy Beavershop’s peace symbol necklace: she’s just so cool, what a trendsetter!

  5. Quogue is very funny I can’t get enough of it! I am new to this series and loving it because of Bside. It looks like you don’t cross Sonja that is for sure. Are Ramona’s eyes crossed or something? I love how Pinot Grigio is almost like another member of the cast.

  6. Cindy always has her mouth open because her lips can’t cover up those beaver teeth.

    She looks just like a beaver to me!

    Plus, she’s a creepy beaver–in love with her brother. Creepy beaver.

  7. It’s so odd to me how much Cindy’s and her brother’s wife (?) or girlfriend, Carol look alike. I mean I couldn’t even tell them apart in the photocap!

  8. OMG poor Alex’s and Simon’s kids. They look like zombies, from The Walking Dead…baby zombies, just turning…I do like Alex, Ramona, and used to like Sonya, but am very disappointed with her this season.

    The Countess is always beloved.

  9. Please, Kelly… just put your hair behind your ear. It’s ok. It won’t look so bad. Just go ahead… pull it a little further back. Just give it a little tuck behind your ear. PLEASE!!

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