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Sorry for my relative lack of posts today. I had to go to the Genius Bar at the Beverly Center, and the process took longer than expected. The good news is that my trusty genius Evan was amazing and fixed everything that I needed (including an issue with Dropbox, which certainly is beyond the call of duty). The bad news is that it took a while longer than expected. Add a trip to the Indian market, an impromptu cocktail with Sly, and a last minute attempt to cook chicken for a pot luck, and one can see why this blog has been quiet all day. Basically, I have poor time management skills.

Of course, one of the major reasons I haven’t been around today is because I went to Santa Monica to tape another episode of Housewife Hoedown with my friends Matt Whitfield and Ronnie Karam. This was by far the most fun yet on the show, helped largely by the Skinnygirl Margaritas that Matt brought in. On this episode we talked mainly about the epic Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere as well as the latest New York City and Orange County episodes. We had a blast. Hope you do too!

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  1. Please drink every week! They don’t carry Ramona Pino in my state yet. In West Hollywood you can get it at John and Pete’s, fine wine and liquor.

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