I’ve never hidden my love for Kristen Wiig, and Bridesmaids has proven to be a two hour Wiig-fest in the best possible way. Of course, I laughed my ass off during the movie, and in an effort to relive the good times, I went back and watched the trailer again. Lo and behold, there were several funny lines in the preview that never made it into the final cut. This got me to thinking that the DVD extras for Bridesmaids might just be awesome. It also got me thinking that I might need to watch this movie again.

Nevertheless, if you’ve seen Bridesmaids, check out the video above and enjoy some light bonus content. (If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t bother with the trailer — better to see the jokes “fresh”).

2 replies on “‘Bridesmaids’ Trailer Suggests DVD Extras Might Be Awesome”

  1. I think that is way cool. Normally, by the time I see the movie, I’m sick to death of the catchphrases that I’ve heard ad nauseum in the commercials or from someone in passing trying to be funny. I’m glad they haven’t included those parts in the movie and instead relegated them to extras.

  2. I loved this movie. Seeing the trailer again made me laugh the same as when I was watching it. I really want to see it again, I am sure I missed stuff because tears were rolling down my face at one point. I hate to recommend movies but I did tell people to go see this one.

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