What’s not to love about Pau Gasol? Well, he IS a Laker, and since I’m a Knicks fan, that could be a problem. But no worries — he seems swell, and he’s partnered up with a wonderful organization: the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, which will be opening a new building this July. To help promote this, there’s a nifty new site up that features Pau touring around the building, educating kids about what they’ll find in the space. It’s pretty hilarious — just pictures of Pau in different areas while the silliest, catchiest music of all time plays in the background. Sure, it’s meant for kids, but I found myself guffawing way more than I should have been. Then again, maybe I’m just a child still. Who knows?

Anyway, check out the site here. Prepare to have music trapped in your head for the next ten hours.