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In case you missed it, we just wrapped another episode of Housewife Hoedown. Ronnie from TVgasm joined me again as we discussed last night’s out of control Miami reunion. I also shared stories about meeting Lisa VanderPump and Taylor Armstrong, and we touched on The Real Housewives of Orange County briefly.

Check it out, and be sure to tune in next Wednesday at 12:30 PM (PST) to watch it live!

4 replies on “Housewife Hoedown, Episode 15: The Miami Reunion”

  1. Gosh, I could listen to you guys for hours. Best Housewives analysis, bar none.

    Adriana is more in the mold of Ramona Singer and Tamra Barney…awful but hilarious.

  2. Loved the show, guys. Your callers were awesome.
    A couple of things:

    Alexia’s sort of OK, but her chopped off nose is just too distracting. We’re forced to look into her nostrils at all times. Ick.

    Lea has had more than some face work and a diet. Her boobs used to be like steroid-fed watermelons, but were almost non-existent at the reunion. I know a good dress can do wonders, but it can’t give you a body transplant.

    Larsa’s marriage? I think Elsa had here pegged, for sure… Worrying about a man.

    I used to date an Armenian, so totally agree on that… However, what’s you beef with Boston, Ben? The weather’s shitty 6 months out of the year, but Boston’s a great place. Lisa V. would fit right in there!

    And finally, even though I’ve been enjoying Bravo’s Housewives trash since the first season of the OC, I just discovered your site a few weeks ago. Love it.

  3. The boob jobs on some of these women are just old. As time marches on and skin ages they sag and look like shit, Also bleaching your hair totally strips all color out..gone. In ten years these women are going to be freaks really sad freaks. I can’t wait to see the long term effects of botox.

  4. I love Housewife Hoedown. You two are great together and say exactly what I am thinking.

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