3 replies on “Nene Leakes Has Not So Kind Words For Star Jones”

  1. Ugh, I can’t stand this woman. I’m sure her going up against Star will be like every other confrontation she had on RHOA: she bullies, interrupts, gets up in your face, etc. I can’t remember where it was but somewhere today I saw that she’d been pictured out and about with Star’s ex-husband. Now that’s class.

  2. I call bullsh*t on this fake feud. Nene and Star both are all about getting ratings. They are both famewhores and have egos bigger than their huge behinds. And I’m pretty sure I heard Star mention somewhere that she would have a fake fight with Nene to generate interest for the viewers to watch this show. Star just wants to sell her book and Nene just wants to get a job anywhere on TV.

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