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I don’t care much about Gucci Mane gossip, but ever since he got that ridiculous ice cream cone tattoo on his face, I’ve been wondering what the hell had inspired him to do such a thing. Well, now we have an answer. In the video above from, Gucci Mane describes the motivation behind the tattoo to an Atlanta radio show. His reasoning makes sense I suppose, but I still want to know why an ice cream cone? Of all the things to express his message, was an ice cream cone really his best option?

What alternatives would you have proposed for Gucci Mane?

5 replies on “Gucci Mane Discusses His Ice Cream Cone Tattoo”

  1. Mebbe a tiny little rendering of himself dancin’ on top of a Monopoly or Risk box–you, know, to show “he” is “on top of” his “game.” That’s what I suggest.

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