Nylon Magazine celebrated its twelfth anniversary tonight with a big ol’ bash at Tru in Hollywood, a swanky new club that hasn’t even opened to the public. I headed on over to the event with my friend Julia (sadly, the lovely Phamtastic was out of town and couldn’t join us), and even though it was unseasonably cold out, I knew things would be ever so hot inside, mostly because Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was just two feet behind me as I walked in the door. Yes, I had hit the pop culture sweet spot with this party, and by the end of the evening I had taken photos with stars of the holy trinity of TV shows: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The City, and Gossip Girl

There were many celebrities from all walks of life at the party. I spotted Jamie Chung (formerly of Real World: San Diego and currently starring in Sucker Punch), Robbie Jones (Hellcats), Clark Duke (Greek), and Daniel Sunjata. I didn’t get photos with any of them because as much as I like to whore myself out, I can only do the “Do you mind if I get a picture with you?” so many times before I feel like a total idiot. Nevertheless, I did chat with Daniel Sunjata, and he was very friendly / dreamy. He was also talking to a lady, and even though I wanted to get a pic with him, I didn’t want to be a total cockblock.

I was much more shameless when it came to everyone else. After all, I knew if I had left the party without snapping any photos of certain people, I would have failed as a blogger. Here’s the cream of the crop:

Probably my dorkiest moment of the evening: posing with Yin Chang, a.k.a. NELLY YUKI FROM GOSSIP GIRL. Okay, so she’s a very minor character, but a beloved one in my book, and quite frankly, the show hasn’t been the same since it dropped Nelly and Hazel. Thank goodness we have Penelope around still. Am I still writing this caption? I should stop.

Inside the gifting suite. I wound up with a free pair of jeans. There were also adult-sized onesies for the taking, but by the time I decided I would in fact like one, they were gone.

The one and only Kyle Richards! She was super cool, and we were just starting to get into a good conversation about the housewives when someone came and interrupted. Asshole.

Me and Julia mugging for the camera.

Julia was kind enough to tie my shoe when it came undone.

The ever photogenic Whitney Port (and the awkward brontosaurus that is me). I expressed my infinite sorrow that The City had been cancelled. She seemed empathetic.

Stacy Keibler, who is pretty much a knockout in person, which is no surprise since she’s pretty much a knockout on TV.

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  1. Kyle looks SO PRETTY! Also, did she loose some weight? (not like you ever met her before, but ya know she looks thinner now)

  2. Maybe it’s the picture (or maybe it’s just me) but does it look like Whit-Whit has had some facial work done? She looks……..different.

  3. How cool to meet Kyle! She looks amazing.

    Julia’s lipcolor. I must know what it is!! She’s gorgeous.

  4. omgg…NELLY YUKI!!!! i miss her so much on GG! she is so adorable

    whitney port is pretty, i love her hair!

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